Here Are All The Successful ‘Masters’ From Dhee 1 to Dhee 10 Series & What They’re Upto Now


Mana Telugu lo chala dance shows vachay. Mana chinnappudu vachina Dance baby dance nuchi start aina ee dance shows iroju varaku kuda edho oka channel lo different names tho, different concepts tho vasthune unnay. Gemini lo Dance baby dance, Maa tv lo challenge, Z telugu lo aata, ETV lo Dhee. Ivi anni manalo chala mandhi miss avvakunda chusevallam and ippatiki vasthunna shows chusthunnam kuda. But ‘Dhee – The Ultimate Dance show’ ane show mathram manam school lo unnappudu vachindi, manam inter lo unnappudu vachindhi, mana degree aipoyaka kuda vasthundhi. Oka show intha successful aithene inni years continuous ga season after season run avvagaladhu.


Okappudu Dhee ante janalaki unna impression ki, ippudu internet duniya vachaka Dhee ante unna impression ki chala theda undhi ane cheppali. Ee rojulu dhee anagane “Dance show antaru kani, Dance kanna stunts and comedy ekkuva untundhi ra babu” ani antaru. Correct ey recent Dhee seasons lo comedy undhi, stunts ekkuva aiyyayi but dance eppudu thaggipoledhu. Dance show kabatti, dance has always been the first priority and that is why still it has got that much following and popularity.


Inkoka very interesting element about Dhee is that, Right from season 1, it has been producing such talented choreographers for the south industries. Each and every choreographer who has won Dhee worked and has been working as choreographers in Tamil or Telugu or Kannada industries. In many instances, they have also said that without Dhee, their life would not have been the same. Here is the list of choreographers who have won Dhee and what they are in the industry now.


1. Dhee 1 – Nobel master – contestant : Harinath

Choreographed for Arya 2, Magadheera, Desamuduru, Pokiri, Chandamama


2. Dhee 2 – Ganesh master – contestant : Prudhvi

Choreographed for gabbar singh, iddarammailatho, Gopala gopala

3. Dhee 3 – Raghu master – contestant : satya

choreographed for Arya 2, Express Raja, Mirchi

4. Dhee 4 – Reetu master – contestant : divya

5. Dhee 5 – Sekhar master – contestant : Prasad & Anusha

Choreographed for iddarammailatho, son of satyamurthy, khaidi no 150, rangasthalam


6. Dhee 6 – Suchin master – contestant : Anshu

Choreographed for mostly Kannada movies

7. Dhee 7 – Bhushan master – contestant : Vaishnavi

Choreographed for Kannada movies and also acted as a hero in Kannada movie

8. Dhee 8 – Yashwanth master – contestant : shivamani

The next big choreographer of Telugu cinema

9. Dhee 9 – Yashwanth master – contestant : Sanket & priyanka

Not just these 8 choreographers but there are many like Jani master, Sridhar master, Baba bhasker master etc who are in a very good position now. All this is just because of one show i.e Dhee. We have to thank Mallemala production team for such an awesome show. Today is the finale of the 10th season of Dhee. Hoping to see Chitti Master, Sunil Master, and Nagesh Master also make it big in Tollywood like the above others.


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