15 Rocking “College Dance Performances” In Youtube That Are Worth A Watch!


College ante not a place of education but also a cluster of talents. Aa talent ki oka manchi stage dorikithe, gallery lo unna audience antha mesmerize ayipotame. Different concepts tho, kottha kottha steps tho real songs kante dheetugaa perform chesthunaru. College dake parimithamayina ee talents Youtube raka tho ippudu world mottam chustunaru. College tarvata kuda kontha mandi dance ne profession ga marchukunna vallu kuda unnaru. Now we are presenting you some of the best performances we found on youtube. If we miss something do mention in comments.

1. Aurora – Hyderabad


2. Sri Nidhi – Hyderabad


3. VIT – Vellore


4.VIT – Vellore


5. GITAM – Visakhapatnam


6. KLU – Vijayawada


7. SRM – Chennai


8. CBIT – Hyderabad


9.Mallareddy – Hyderabad


10. IIT – Kharagpur


11. Amritha University


12. IIIT-Hyderabad




14. Vignan University – Guntur


15. BITS Pilani


FI source : Gstudio


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