Meet Raja Kumari, A Telugu Born American Rapper Who Is Now Queen Of Desi Hip-Hop!


If you have a good taste in Indian music, and never miss out on any great artist on the internet. You probably know who Raja Kumari is. At least after her latest and first ever single release ‘City Slums’ with Sony Music India. But if you have no idea who she is, don’t worry and allow me to explain who she is, and why you should know about her.The journey will be worth reading.

Raja Kumari is an Indian American rapper, songwriter and recording artist from California. Her music known for its unique blend of classic Indian roots with the influence of her rap and hip hop style that only she can pull off like a queen.


It all started as a songwriter for Iggy Azalea, Gwen Stefani, Fifth Harmony. To collaborating with some great musicians like AR Rahman, Fall Out Boy, and Timberland.

But her first-ever single ‘Mute’ was the song that actually gave her international fame. And critical acclaim. People on internet slowly started noticing her, especially many Indians really liked that song.


And after that, Her very famous and her first ever single with Sony Music India, ‘City Slums’ released. And since then so many people got to know about her, liked her unique music sense.


She was recently on Abish Mathew’s talk show ‘Son Of Abish’ recently and told so many surprising things about herself. Here are some of the most interesting facts about her journey:

1. Her real name is Yellapragada Swetha Rao. While she was young, everyone called her ‘Indian Princess’ and that somehow helped her to find her stage name ‘Raja Kumari’.


2. She is born in Telugu Brahmin family of Doctors. Nobody in her family was ever related to music.

3. She is a classical dancer.And grew up learning Bharathanatyam.


4. She first got onto the stage when she was 7 years old.

5. She used to fly down to India and perform here. Here’s a picture of her performance when Victory Venkatesh was the chief guest.


There is an interesting story behind how they (She and Divine) made the song ‘City Slums’

6. She first approached DIVINE with a direct message on Twitter asking him to collab with her. Which he ignored. (Becuase, he was unaware that she was also a great musician.)

7. Then she sent her some samples of her work. He was blown and later he agreed to collab with her for the song.


8. They wrote their part the songs (her verses, and his verses) from their respective places. (She wrote her part in America, and he wrote his part in India. And then met each other.)

9. The entire budget of the song was less than rupees 50,000. (And it has 5 Million views on YouTube.)


10. She has also now permanently signed an artist agreement with Sony Music India. (Which means, we would get to listen to her music more frequently from now on.)

11. She collabed with various Indian artists already like Nucleya, and Anirudh. Here’s her song from Vivekam movie.


For a Telugu born person, whose family is not into music at all. Raja Kumari sure is an inspiration to upcoming generation of youth.


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