25+ ‘Anirudh Mark Songs’ That You’ll Love Listening To In This Rainy Weather

Ippudu sudden ga evaraina “who is your favorite Music Composer from other states?” ani adigithe manaku takkuna gurthoche peru Anirudh Ravichander. Telugu lo thanu chesina straight albums konne ayina, Thana Tamil chart busters tho manandari music playists tho kontha space ni Sampaadichukunnadu. Choodataaniki mana gang lo unde oka bakka poradu la anipinchey ordinary personality aina thana songs lo chaala matuku extraordinary ga untaayi. Apart from Movie Albums they are some independent songs composed by him which are chart busters as well.Here are listicles of few of them . Check out whether there is your favorite.

1. Why This Kolaveri Di:

The Song which introduced Anirudh to the world.

2. Po ve Po

Ee song lo edho teliani pain untundhabba..loop lo play authune untundhi.

3. Kanulu Kanale
The most underrated song in his career.

4.Raghuvaran B.Tech
Ee album lo partiular ga okka song ani cheppalem, every song has it’s own uniqueness.

5. Kaththi Theme
Appatlo prathi okkari ringtone.

6. Don’u Don’u Don’u
Ee song peru chadivina chalu, aa tune hum chesukuntuu untam.

7. Maari Title Song
Oora mass ki actual synonym ee song, sittings lo pakka play ayye paata.

8. Thangamay
Song madhyalo vacche violin rhythm kosam enni sarlaina vinocchu.

9. Aaluma Doluma

Appatiki, ippatiki Ajith sir fans ki poonakam teppinche song.

10. Emannavoo
College lo singing competition undhante chalu, max ee melody ae paadatharu.

11. Surviva
This song is the best to test bass range of your head set.

12. Thalai Viduthalai

High Voltage elevating song. Thala Ajith rage ni perfect ga portray chesina song.

13. Sirikkadhey

A very pleasant and soothing composition of Anirudh.

14. Sodakku

Ee paata vintuu foot tap cheyyakunda undatam chala kashtam abba.

15. Ethir Neechal :

Ee movie lo anni songs fantastic ga untay, but ee song specialty Anirudh, Hiphop Tamizha & Honey singh mugguru oke song lo paadatam.

16. Kolamaavu Kokila

Every Song in this album have its own specialty. Main ga Kalyana vayasu aithe sooperoo superu.

17. Baitikochi chuste

The First Telugu Straight Song Came out from Anirudh.

18. Gaali vaaluga

This song became special to PSPK fans because of the tribute video featured by Anirudh.

19. Petta
Maranam Massu Maranam… BGM inkolevel Mass Maranam..

20. Jersey
Ee movie lo unna emotional mood, last varaku constant ga undante, Anirudh BGM one of the main reasons..

21. Nani’s Gangleader
Hoyna, Ninu chuse aanandamlo songs are love..

22. Darbar
Darbar Title Song, And Thalaiva BGM…

23. Master
Vaathi Coming

24. Doctor:

Recent addiction ante chellemma song ye.

25. Kaathuvaakula Rendu Kaadhal:

Independent songs:
1. Chennai City Gangsta
Anirudh and Hiphop Tamizha ee paata tho TN ni oka oopu ooparu.

2. Chanc-ey illa

Chennai meedha thanaki entha prema undhi anedhi ee paata chusthe ardham aipoddhi.

3. Ennakenna yarum illaye

Every valentine’s day ki oka single release chesthu untadu. Idhi 2015 lo release ayyi singles ni kuda love feels loki theesukuni vellipoyindhi.

4. Avalukena

Idhi 2016 valentine’s day ki release aindhi…do watch the video..oka wonderful story untundhi.

5. Sachin Anthem

Same Like Why this Kolaveri, A song about Sachin featuring Dhanush and Anushka along with Anirudh

6. Bewajah

India’s First vertical video.

Do comment your personal favorites.

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