These Incredible Filmy Sketches By A Hyderabad Based Artist Will Surely Make You Go Awe!


Surender Gangineni – an artist by passion – is the man behind ‘NAA Sketch’, a page for all you artistic lovers who’d love to experience the art of simple sketches. Surender has done more than 100 sketches and it took 1 year of hard work and dedication and over 300 hrs of time to create these masterpieces. His Facebook page mostly comprises of sketches of popular movie characters. Besides, he also does sketches portraits ,cartoons, paintings to gift them to your loved ones. This talented artist’s work was even recognised by actor Sudheer Babu when he posted Surender’s art pic of ‘Shatamanambhavathi’ on his Instagaram account. Here are some of Surender’s noted sketches:


1. The new spy in house, Mahesh Babu

2. Jai Lava Kusha!

3. Why Kattapa Killed Bahubali

4. The dream couple- Sam and Chai!

5.  Genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist- Iron man

6. Jingidi Jingidi!

7. The rajamatha herself, Shivagami Devi!

8. Superstar! (self explanatory)

9. Handsome hunk

10. Rey Amith!

11. The power of Police in a single picture!

12. RGV!

13. Shamanthakamani!

14. Katamarayudu Mass!

15. All in one pic!


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