18 EVV Mark Movies That Prove Why He Is The King Of Comedy In Telugu Cinema!


EVV Satyanarayana Gaaru ante first gurthochedhi aayana comedy. Telugu Cinema comedy ni kotha pandha lo chupinchina vaari lo Jandhyala gaari tharwatha aayane. Comedy ne kadu “aame” lanti serious cinema tho kannillu pettincharu. Aayana Direct chesina cinemallo konni aanimuthyalu ivi.


Prema Khaidhi
Ei Cinema theesetappudu hero and heroines age 15 & 17


Appula Apparao
EEV Satyanarayana garu and Rajendra Prasad Gari combination lo vachina first hit, Veteran actress Rama Prabha garu one of the producer


Aa Okkati Adakku
The film is the first debut of Rambha into the film industry.


Jamba lakidi pamba
The film unit originally named this film as Reverse Gear. Because it sounded negative, they later changed it to Jamba Lakidi Pamba. During its first release, the film went unnoticed. However, during its second release it proved to be a huge success and became the highest grossing comedy film of its time. Yashraj films made a program series named Man’s world on youtube which is inspired by this film.


Evandi Aavida Vachindi
Shobhan Babu gari last hit movie


Hello Brother
Based on the 1992 Jackie Chan’s movie Twin Dragons and remade in Kannada as Cheluva with V. Ravichandran and Hindi as Judwaa with Salman Khan.


Alibaba Aradajanu Dongalu
In their obituary of director EVV Satyanarayana, Times of India listed Alibaba Aradajanu Dongalu as among “some of his super-hit comedy and entertaining films”


Abbai Garu
Venkatesh garu and EEV gari combination lo vachina first movie. Based on this movie line 11 movies release ayyayi.


First Serious movie by EEV garu and won Filmfare Award for best Film-Telugu


Aayanaki Iddharu
The film is a remake of ‘Aaina’ starring Jackie Shroff, Amrita Singh and Juhi Chawla. Nutan Prasad dubbed for Gummadi Venkateswara Rao as the latter had issues with his voice at that time.


Alluda Majaka
This might be the first film in TFI which got banned by CBFC as it contained a number of scenes portraying women in an obscene manner. When the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) considered a ban on the film two months after its release, the fans of Chiranjeevi organised a protest in Hyderabad, demanding that the film not be banned. The CBFC eventually did not ban the film, but edited out the objectionable parts, the film thus achieving the dubious distinction of being one of the few films to be recalled by the CBFC. Despite the controversy, the film was a massive success at the box-office


Intlo illalu Vantintlo Priyuralu
The film was a remake of Tamil film Thaikulame Thaikulame.


Maa nannaku pelli
MS Narayana gariki First Nandi Thisku vachina movie


Aavida Ma Aavide
It was based on the 1963 movie “Move Over, Darling”.


Upendra’s first direct Telugu movie


Ammo Okato Thareeku
‘Aame’ tharwatha Social message tho theesina second movie


Thotti Gang
The movie was inspired from the Hollywood movie “Saving Silverman”.


Evadi Gola Vadihi
20 mandhi comedians tho Foreign lo theesina first telugu movie


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