What’s The Difference Between Biryani, Pulao, Mandi Biryani & Other Similar Foods?


Contributed by Action Reaction

Biryani is the most favorite food for many of us. Manalo chala mandhiki, vaaraniki rendu sarlu aina kadupu lo biryani padakapothe nidra pattadhu. Kani there will be many situations where we will have something else in our plate and mistake it by Biryani. Let us take a look at all the dishes which we generally think that it is biryani…


1. Biryani


2. Pulao


3. Bagara Rice


4. Mandi Biryani


5. Oon Soru


6. Tawa Pulao


7. Flavoured rice


So, eesari eppudaina restaurant ki velli, meeru biryani order ichi, vadu inkokati edhaina theeskosthe, You can question them straight away…


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