The Most Unusual Food Poll Ever: Can You Guess All These Food Items ?


It’s simple. Kindha unna pics chusi, Avi ento correct ga guess cheyandi. Go ahead.



Bonus: Answers kosam curious ga last daaka scroll chesina vaalla kosam:

1. Yes, Adhi Bobatte.. Ma mess lo pettaru.

2. Kothu Parotta, from Kerala.

3. This was easy, no? Badam Mix.

4. Watermelon Juice, from Charminar Centre.

5. Worst Egg Dosa, I’ve ever had.

6. Khurbani ka Meetha from a Bawarchi (not original) in Madhapur.

7. HAHAHA! This is street egg maggi.

8. This is Rasmalai, from the streets of Manali




Added bonus: When I had put out these polls on my personal Instagram profile, these were the results:







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