30 Upcoming Weird Days In Second Half Of 2018 That You Never Knew But Exist


Normal ga manam Mothers’ Day, Fathers’ Day, Valentines Day, Friendship Day lanti raka rakaala days ni celebrate chesukuntu untam. But ee madhya Emoji Day lanti vichitramaina days ni kuda Social Media dwara celebrate chesukuntunnam. Ivi chusaka -‘ilanti days kuda untaya?‘ ane doubt vacchindi…ventane search chesa. Aa results chusi nijam gane shock ayya…vatlo konni mention chesa. Oka look eyyandi.

P.S: Ive only mentioned the events which occur in the later half of this year.



21st – Junk Food Day
It was most likely created by a diet conscious individual or group who desired to eat junk food, without guilt, at least one day a year.

22nd- Parents’ Day (Fourth Sunday of July)
A combination of Mothers’ Day and Fathers’ Day.

28th – World Milk Chocolate Day
Daniel Peter, the inventor of milk chocolate, was born in beautiful, mountainous Switzerland in 1836.He is the one who gave Henri Nestle the idea of making a chocolate containing milk. This day was started by the Confectioner’s Association.



3rd – International Beer Day (First Friday Of August)
Originally started in Santa Cruz, California, International Beer Day began to celebrate the craft of brewing, and to show appreciation for those involved in the making of beer.

5th- Underwear Day.
Originally founded by the company Freshpair in 2003.The aim was to promote body image in a society where it is sometimes difficult to embrace such a concept.

13th- International Lefthanders Day
Celebrating it’s first year recognized in 1976, Lefthanders International helped raise awareness of the difficulties of being left handed.

18th- Bad Poetry Day
This day is for the people who change Kavithvam into Kapithvam.

20th- World Mosquito Day
World Mosquito Day was first established in 1897, when the link between mosquitoes and malaria transmission was discovered by Sir Ronald Ross. It aims to raise awareness about the causes of malaria and how it can be prevented.

27th- Banana Lovers Day
Someone invented this. It exists.



1st- Letter writing Day
This is a day that people from all around the world will pick up a pen or pencil & write a letter…it’s that simple! Richard Simpkin founded this.

5th- World Samosa Day
Celebrating different variations of this Lip Smacking and mouth watering delicacy. There is a ‘National Samosa week’ organized in 6 cities of UK. It was last held on April 9th-13th 2018.

13th- Programmers’ Day {256th (hexadecimal 100th, or the 28th) day of each year}
Programmers’ Day is celebrated on the 256th day of the year – chosen because this is the number of distinct values that can be represented with an eight-bit byte, and the highest power of two which is less than 365. The government of Russia declared the day to be a professional holiday,

14th-Hug Your Boss Day
This day was created by TipTopJob.com in 2008 with the intent of creating improved workplace relationships.

16th- Wife Appreciation Day (Third Sunday Of September)
It has been listed in Chase’s Calendar of Annual Events since it was first established, and has been hugely popular ever since.

18th- Respect Day
This day has been created to encourage people to focus more on ways in which they can be respectful to others.

28th- Hug a vegetarian day (Fourth Friday in September)
This was founded by PETA & was established to show recognition and appreciation for those that have made the, often difficult, transition to a meat free and animal-product free lifestyle.



10th- Handbag Day
Especially for Woman.This day is to celebrate it and pay tribute to their beloved collection of handbags.

11th- World Sight Day (Second Thursday of October)
A day of awareness that is celebrated around the world each year in order to focus on blindness and vision impairment

13th- No Bra Day
This Day was established to both raise awareness of breast cancer and its prevalence in today’s society, as well as to drive opportunities for fund-raising to help keep the research moving.

15th-Global Hand-washing Day
This campaign, established by the Global Hand washing Partnership in 2008, was made to help motivate people to improve their hand washing habits. This day was promoted by the UN General Assembly when its first event took place during World Water Week in Stockholm, Sweden.



4th- Use Your Common Sense Day
Use your common sense day was established by Bud Bilanich, a career mentor. He has written 19 books that emphasize how to succeed at your life, and how the application of common sense is absolutely vital to that success.

11th- Tongue Twister Day ( Second Sunday of November)
This Day encourages you to give your tongue a work out and challenge your friends to the most convoluted and difficult tongue twisters of the year.

11th- Singles Day
Singles Day is a Chinese holiday that originated from Nanjing University to be a celebration for single people during the 1990’s

15th- Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day
It has been rumored that it was started by Whirlpool Corporation. The day is a great reminder though, that, to function effectively, our kitchen appliances should be cleaned out once in a while.

16th- Button Day
The National Button Society, founded in 1938, established Button Day as a celebration for all who enjoyed collecting and crafting with buttons.

19th- International Men’s Day
This idea was conceived on 8th February 1991 and inaugurated in 1992 by Thomas Oaster. It was revived by Dr. Jerome Teelucksingh in 1999 and being celebrated on 19th november since then.
The main purpose of the day is to focus on the health of males, improving gender relations and promoting gender equality.

21st – World Television Day
In December 1996 the United Nations General Assembly proclaimed the 21st of November World Television Day, the same year the first World Television Forum was held.



11th- International Mountain Day
Established in December of 2003, The United Nations General Assembly created this day to help bring awareness to all of the things we rely on mountains for.

15th- International Tea Day
The Tea Board of India, proposed International Tea Day in hopes of it becoming an official holiday to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization. The first International Tea Day was celebrated in New Delhi in 2005. The goal of this Day is to recognize the vulnerable situations that tea producers in India have with current living conditions and worker-related policies.

28th- Card Playing Day
It’s a day to celebrate card playing with your friends and family! This day is a day to keep alive games that have survived for centuries as a form of entertainment.


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