14 Talented Actors Who Are Being Totally Under Utilized Right Now


Mana industry lo entho mandhi underutilized actors unnaru who created a name for themselves but who failed to deliver their best. ‘Underutilized antaru enti, veellu chala cinema lu chesaru ga?’ ane doubt meeku ravochu. But here i meant that their acting potential is not used to the fullest ani. So, aa actors evaro, oka look eddam..


1. Vennela Kishore

Yes, he is one of the busiest comedians in the industry at present. But, is he only fit for comic roles? Definitely NO. His roles in Kshanam and Goodachari tell us that he has an underutilized actor in him who can pull off serious roles with ease. Hoping to see that other side of ‘Vennela’ Kishore more often.


2. Vidyu Raman

Vidyu Raman most the times is given roles in which she just had to stick to her comedy timing and receiving insensitive ‘punches’ from her co-actors. But etuvanti regressive ‘punch’ lu lekunda Vidyu Raman comedy cheyyagaladhu, Thanu recently chesina Tholi Prema and Chi La Sow movies ey deeniki best examples.


3. Satyam Rajesh

Satyam Rajesh thana career lo enno adbhutamaina comedy roles chesadu. Kani Kshanam lo Chowdary ane role tho thanalo oka ineresting angle kuda undhani prove cheskunnadu. Future lo ituvanti serious roles Satyam Rajesh inka enno cheyyali..


4. Uttej

Uttej chala yella nunchi cinemallo unnaru. Aayana entha manchi actor o, antha goppa writer kuda.. Khadgam and Chandamama lo aayana chesina roles manam eppatiki marchipolemu. Atuvanti goppa actor ki manchi content unna roles padithe, Uttej will definitely deliver his best..


5. Rajiv Kanakala

Recently movies lo Rajiv Kanakala paristihi ela aypoyindhi ante, cinema lo kanipinchadam, 10 minutes intense ga act cheyyadam, taravatha evarokaru aa character ni champeyadam. 10 minutes ke performance kummesthe, Inka Sye lo ichinattu full lenght roles isthe ey range lo deliver chestharo..


6. Anasuya Bharadwaj

Anasuya ki enni roles offer chesina, she has been very selective in choosing her roles. But Rangammatha lanti versatile roles kuda adbhutam ga cheyyagaladhu aavida prove chesaru. Hoping to see her in challenging roles like those…


7. Chandra Sekhar

Rajamouli gari cinemallo ekkuva kanipinche Chandra Sekhar garu mathram ippatiki oka chinna actor gane migilipoyaru. Etuvanti role aina easy ga carry chestharu chandra sekhar, hope he gets a good break to his career in the coming future.


8. Pavithra Lokesh

Ee madhya chala cinemallo ‘Amma’ characters chesthunnaru Pavithra lokesh. Sammohanam and Malli Malli Idhi Rani Roju lo mathram memorable characters chesaru. Atuvanti characters taravatha emi raledhu..


9. Harsha Vardhan

Writer/Actor Harsha comedy timing ‘Amrutham’ tho and acting potential ‘leader’ tho manandhariki prove aypoyindhi. Now he is busy with his own directorials but aayana acting capability perfect ga use cheskunna role inka padaledhu..


10. Nagineedu

Maryada ramanna tho nagineedu garu create chesina impact antha intha kadhu. Taravatha enno cinemallo kanipinchina, okka ‘Mirchi’ cinemalo tahappa endhulonu promising roles raledhu. Hoping more of such promising roles..


11. Kishore Kumar

Enno small and interesting roles lo manaki kanipinchina kishore kumar garu Garuda Vega lo antagonist ga superb performance icharu. Waiting more to see such roles..


12. Ravi shankar

Kannada lo one of the busiest actors aina Ravi Shankar gariki telugu lo mathram antha fame raledhu. But he is one of the best actors in the industry at present. Etuvanti emotion aina easy ga carry chestharu..


13. Satya Dev

Ee generation actors lo, Satya dev is critically acclaimed as one of the best actors by many biggies of the industry in numerous occasions. But he never got an oppurtunity to prove his acting prowess to the fullest. Hope he soon gets one..


14. Ravi Varma

Ravi varma mana industry lo eppatnuncho unnaru but he was never utilised perfectly. He is one of such actors who delivers the best if given a chance..


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