10 Things Every Guy Can Learn From Amarendra Baahubali Today!


Contributed By Usha G.


This is a response to the article “10 Things to learn from Devasena“. This is my take on a few learnings for men from Amarendra Baahubali:


1. Choose your girl wisely:

When he first saw Devasena,he was impressed with not only her looks but also with her war skills.He chose someone who matched his skills.He also tried to test her in other aspects like how compassionate she is, how intelligent she is.



2. Balance between your mom and your girl always!!

When his mom Sivagami sent a message to get Devasena as their prisoner, he respected his mom’s order and requested Devasena to join him (Pls note: requested but not commanded)



3. Be a team player, not a boss:

When pindaris attack Kuntala desam, Baahubali puts his best effort to save the kingdom along with Devasena. In fact, he actually teaches her to shoot triple arrows in that tensed mood without losing his patience and undermining Devasena’s warfare skills. Together, they drive the pindaris away



4. Honour your girl’s side relatives with equal respect:

Although Devasena’s relatives(her brother, sis-in-law etc.) offered their pranamas, Bahubali treats them with respect and requests them not to do the pranamas and hugs them



5. Respect your girl’s self respect

He respected Devasena’s words and understood her from a neutral standpoint when she spoke about his mom’s act of sending the ornaments to her and undermining her self respect



6. Stand by your word, come what may!!

Baahubali promised Devasena that he will stand by her and rescue her in any circumstances before taking her to his mom.Alas!!he stood by his word



7. Follow your dharma in all scenarios

Although it was his mom who taught him the basics of nyayam, dharmam, he stood by his dharma even if it was to stand at loggerheads with his mother. Being indebted to parents doesn’t mean you forget your dharma as a man for your woman



8. Complementing each other

Baahubali chose to stay with his woman even when he had to sacrifice his position as a king.He always took her along with him and didn’t ask her to stay back in anthahpuram to take care of his mother even when he was ostracized nor did he send her to her mom’s place (Kuntala kingdom). Similarly, Devasena stood by Baahubali all through.



9. Don’t interfere and complicate issues:

Whenever there was an argument between his wife and mother, he allowed them both to argue but didn’t take sides. When he felt that his wife was disrespecting his mom, he asked her to watch her words but kept quiet after she answered him. He didn’t take offence



10. Trust her!!

When Devasena was accused of cutting Sethupathi ‘s fingers , Baahubali doesn’t go to anyone else but to Devasena, to understand what happened. That’s the amount of trust that he has on his woman(his choice)



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