The Reason Why Tharun Bhascker & Shekar Kammula Prefer New Actors Is Brilliant


Mana generation lo beautiful characters design cheskuni vatiki kotha cast ni theeskuni memorable hits ichina director Shekar Kammula garu. Anand ani oka manchi coffee lanti cinema theesi appatlo small budget films lo biggest hit kottaru. Taravatha aayana oka star hero ki katha raskuni approach ayyunte pakka evaraina oppukunevaru. Kani he did not do that. Instead he did a trendsetting college entertainer with a complete new cast in the name of Happy days, He launched Rana Daggubati with a political drama, Then did another feel good entertainer in the name of Life Is Beautiful and then launched Sai Pallavi with fidaa. Aayna kotha cast ni theeskunna cinema almost anni pedda hits ayyayi. Ippudu Tharun Bhascker kuda same trend of selecting new Cast ni follow avthunnaru. And they have a special reason why they do so. Here is why..


1. Audience doesnt have any impression on the actor.

Generally manam ey actor ni ayina vallu chesina best works thone identify chestham. For example, priyadarshi kaushik ane character tho ichina debut manaki inka gurthu undhi. So ippudu priyadarshi etuvanti comedy role chesina manam kaushik style of comedy expect chestham. Adhey oka kotha actor/actress aithe, we dont know anything about him/her. We just get involved in that particular character they play and enjoy that character to the fullest.


2. Demand of new cast for the fresh stories.

Generally Shekar kammula & Tharun Bhascker fresh and breezy stories rastharu. Those stories may not require a well-established actor because he can easily pull it off but the audience may concentrate more on the actor rather than the role which is actually a setback for fresh stories. So new cast are chosen so that the role is enhanced more than the image of the actor.


3. Less remuneration for the budget constraints they have.

Generally kotha actors tho story anukunnapudu investment ki ekkuva mandhi mundhuku raru endhuku ante they look at the market and how much the movie is going to fare. So alanti budget constraints unnapudu kotha actors ni theeskunte vallu aa manchi katha gurinchi chustharu thappa dabbulu gurinchi peddaga pattinchukoru.


4. Unique promotional strategies pull audience to the theatres.

Okappudu kothollatho cinmealu theesthey evaru chusevaru kadhemo kani, Okkasari aa director prove cheskunte kothollatho theesina , already established actors tho theesina audience chudadaniki theatres ki vastharu. Manam correct ga observe chesthe shekar kammula & tharun cinema lu entha baga theestharo aa cinema lani promotion kuda anthey baga chestharu and it is definitely necessary because you don’t have any big names to pull the crowd.

5. Perfect platform for the actors to prove their mettle.

Kamalini Mukherji, Nikhil, Varun Sandesh, Tamannah, Rana, Abhijeet, Pooja Hegde, Sai Pallavi, Vijay Deverakonda, Priyadarshi, Ritu Varma. These are all the actors who had debuted with Shekar Kammula & Tharun and has had an amazing career in Telugu cinema. So when any aspiring actor gets a call from these two directors they think no more because they know they cannot get a better debut.

One special thing that needs to be mentioned about Shekar Kammula & Tharun Bhascker is the way they design their female leads. Strong, vibrant yet sensitive. You always don’t get such roles of great importance in the movies and it is in the movies of these two directors where even debutant actresses get crucial roles. And even here we don’t see the actors but just the roles that they are playing.

They have also said in many instances that they have written stories based on their experiences. So the characters that they create may require certain qualities which already established actors may not possess. That’s why they give the casting calls and conduct auditions so that they get the actors which perfectly suit their characters.

So finally it is an open conclusion that the characters they design and the actors they select have always stood apart and that is why so many actors from their compound have gone places. Here is wishing so many beautiful characters from the pens of these two awesome creators and many more feel-good hits from their megaphone.


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