Decade For Genre Bending ‘Shakti’: These Frames Will Give You A Cute Throwback

Ten years ago, a movie released today, that turned out to be a Genre-bending cinema in Telugu. We call it Genre Bending because … aa movie chesina valanu , chusina valanu ..prathi okkarni ongopettindhi aa movie. This post has nothing to do with whatsoever. We just so badly want to talk about this movie, that we actually are making up something to write about this movie. Below are few frames that have nothing to do with anything. We are just revisiting Shakti – a gift that we all received on April 1 by Meher Ramesh.

1 The great grand intro of pyramids to Tollywood Prajalu.. Woahh

2 Pooja Bedi’s vinoothna avataram. Something Crazy is up ahead ane feeling

3 Aatt.. velugu !

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4 Odemma.. aa titles …aa style.. aatt

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5. Madmax: Fury Dambar Road feels

6 Wat ye powerrrrr

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7 Wow… Something kitiki saree

8 This framing of Ileanaaaa.. Typical Tollywood Heroine Intro

9 No.. it’s not that Puli.. Its Shimaram Shinde Puli

10. This rolling scene brought tears rolling in our eyes

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11. Showing the beauty of Jaipur in single Frame

12. This birudhu – never before.. aha.. never after ane cheppachu!

13. Mesmerising Mayaa…. dishkaauuunn

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14. Giving serious campfire goals

15. This Uyyala frame gave rise to Maldives Tourism

16. Snow world c/o Hyderabad

17. Batmobile … What is that ?

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18. Separate seating arrangement for the hero. Howzat?

19. Mind Bending proposal after Oye

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20. This Jump has a separate fan base

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21. Maate vinadhuga vinadhuga vinadhugaa

22. Because twists in climax are too mainstream

23. Hand in pocket. A must in every movie

24. Reminiscing School Stage Drama days

25. You know the movie’s result when you see this guy on screen

26 Because neighbourhood guy wants the roads clean

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27. Because guns are not meant for shooting. #MuthyalaChemmaChekka #RathnalaMalleMogga

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28. This guddhudu has a separateeeee fan base

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29. Ok next

30. Most underrated Katthi Saamu ever

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31. Visual grandeur c/o Meherism

32 When you still want people to buy Suvarnabhoomi ventures

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33. Are these Plants? Flowers? Trees Mehetrees? what are they?

34. *Insert Baahubali 1 end credits bgm*

35. Bidda… Anthe.. Em ledhu cheppadaniki

36. Wow.. Katthi laanti Katthi! That frightening lighting.

37. When you search for exercises for quick belly fat removal videos

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38. That message in the end. Invisible rods in the form of mountains behind. #Rodified

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