10 Notable Actors Introduced By Director Sekhar Kammula Who Have Carved Their Own Territory In Film Industry!

    Sekhar Kammula has been a director who has always done movies that are trend setting in the most ordinary atmospheres. He takes characters from middle-class households and brings out the beauty in the most ordinary things in life. He has always made roles that are relatable and that we can easily identify ourselves and the people around us with. In this pursuit of showing how beautiful life is, he has always brought new actors so as to bring out the feeling of being in a familiar household and make us feel that everything about the movie is natural. So here are some amazingly talented actors that he has given to us:


    1. Rana Daggubati:

    Shekhar Kammula’s political drama Leader showed what “Rana” is actually capable of. Rana has always done path breaking movies and he started this trend with Leader. He played the role of The Chief Minister of a state and showed us how to do it right.


    2. Vijay Devarakonda:

    This actor has a cult following now. Telugu industry is hungover with Arjun Reddy currently. This talented and badass actor was introduced to Tollywood through Shekar Kammula’s ‘Life Is Beautiful’. Though Nuvvila was his first appearance, Vijay says “Life Is Beautiful” is the film which he likes to be touted as his proper introduction. His recent blockbuster ‘Arjun Reddy’ is an example of what he is capable of and Shekar Kammula has identified this before anyone else.Though “Nuvvila” was his first movie, Vijay says ‘Life is Beautiful’ is his first introduction as an actor to the silver screen.


    3. Sai Pallavi:

    A character that holds her head high and stands by her decisions. Sai Pallavi could not have asked for a better movie to debut with. Bhanumati is a blend of Sai Pallavi’s natural charm and Shekhar Kammula’s powerful and beautiful characterization. Kammula, through Bhanumati, has set a standard for all the roles being written for heroines in Tollywood.


    4. Nikhil Siddhartha:

    With him, Kammula showed us that crazy guy in every gang. He made us laugh at his craziness but he has taught us great lessons about friendship. The happy go lucky guy that Nikhil plays has its foundation from here. Kammula’s narration has fused the characteristics of a guy who is silly and also someone who you end up respecting him by the end of the movie for his loyalty towards his friends.


    5. Kamilini Mukherjee:

    ‘Roopa’ is a character that has its own place in Tollywood, unlike any other regular roles are given to heroines in the industry she is strong and independent. Kammula’s writing is such that even though the movie is called ‘Anand’ and it’s a guy’s story, Roopa has a major role in the movie and takes her own decision and we cannot imagine anyone else other than Kamilini Mukherjee. Kamilini presented the role of a regular girl but gave us goals of how to be on your own.


    6. Varun Sandesh:

    Kammula has shown us how a perfect boy next door looks through Varun Sandesh. Most of us have identified with Varun when he tries to find love in his friendship. He has done everything that each one us do when in love. Varun has carried this persona of the boy next door through most of his career and has outdone himself with each movie.


    7. Richa Gangopadhyay:

    Another confident female character that too in a role of a journalist. Kammula’s script shows her as a strong girl standing by her principles. Through this, he has given her the base for the characters that have to come, even though she has played roles that are not too loud but have been influential.


    8. Raahul:

    Shekhar Kammula gave us the definition of a true friend with him. Kammula’s writing shows us how giving and caring a friend can be. He is innocent but he knows when he is being cheated.


    9. Ranadhir:

    Even though he has constantly played negative roles, he has established himself as a powerful actor. He started with ‘Happy Days’but later continued with complex and powerful roles like that in ‘Baanam’


    10. Naveen Polishetty:

    Naveen Polishetty has recently sent ripples across the nation with his recent video ‘Honest Campus Placements’. He has established himself as an actor with talent and great potential. He debuted with ‘Life is Beautiful’ and even though portrayed a grey-shade role, he stood out and made a name of his own.


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