Ram ki Bandi – 6 Things You Need To Know

Everyone in Hyderabad knows Ram Ki Bandi… Hell! There are people outside Hyderabad who have also heard about it! If you are a Hyderabadi and you don’t know what Ram Ki Bandi is then you are living under a rock.

While the dosas at Ram Ki Bandi is as familiar as home to everyone in the city, “Ram” has seldom been in the spotlight. But there are indeed some things about this place (besides the awesome dosas, of course) that will blow you away!

These are 6 things you would want to know about Ram and the Bandi!

1. It has been 7 years since Ram Ki Bandi came to be.

ram ki bandi

2. It was one of the first late night eateries in the city. Many copied his style thereafter.

ram ki bandi dosa

3. He is an MBA graduate. (Yes, re-think your life now.)

ram ki bandi owner

Pic credit: Screenshot from Sanjay Borra’s video.

4. He was the first one to bring that many types of Dosas to the city.

ram's bandi dosa

5. He wants Ram Ki Bandi to be on par with KFC, Mc Donalds and such.


6. He now has a full-fledged restaurant called Ram’s Dosa House in Banjara Hills but the roadside Bandi in Nampally is still alive and kicking!

ram's dosa place


Ram ki Bandi – Ram Interview





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