Meet Prashanth Varma, The Man Who Conceived First Genre Bending Film In Telugu!


Ippudu Awe chusina maximum janala mind lo maximum run ayye oka thought, ‘Intha different ga ela theesaru ra babu!’. Ekkada chusina Awe gurinchi chala goppaga matladuthunnaru, Awe is a genre bender ani, Awe Is Awesome ani. Ila mothaniki andharu cinema chusi avvak ayyaru ante dheeni venuka unna manishi gurinchi meeru thappaka thelsu kovali. He is Prashanth Varma, the director of Awe.


Prashanth Varma Before Awe:

Awe is his first ever full-length feature film. But dheeniki mundhu kuda Prashanth Varma directed very familiar short films like ‘Dialogue In The Dark’, ‘A Silent Melody’. Rendu kuda short films eh ina, extremely unique and different short films.

‘Dialogue In The Dark’ is India’s first ever Virtual Audio film.

And ‘A Silent Melody’ is a short film about a deaf-mute girl. Ila short films eh intha different ga unnai kabatte, eeyana feature film, ee range lo undhi.

His first ever short film was ‘Deenamma Jeevitham’ which released almost 6 years ago from now. Ante Orkut unna rojullo, and short films (especially Telugu) appudappude start ina days lo.

How Awe Started:

“On 31st of December 2016, A film that I wrote long ago was supposed to begin its shoot, but it never started because the investors backed out. It was 11:30 in the night, I canceled my new year party that I hosted at my house. And began writing a new story. I started it as an experiment, it was born out of frustration. “said Prashanth in an interview.

Prashanth Is An Engineer Too:

Ee prapancham lo edhi avvali anna, first engineering pakka ga cheyyali annattu, Prashanth is also an engineer. Edho engineer ante normal engineer kadhu andoi.

He was a class topper in school. Chinnapati nunche chadhuv tho paatu, movies meedha kuda parallel interest undatam tho, engineering lo unnapude music videos laantivi direct cheyatam start chesaru.

How Nani Came In:

He first narrated the story to Kajal. Story vinagane aame first reaction was goosebumps. And in fact she suggested to make it in Hindi too. But prashanth wanted to direct it only in Telugu.

And then Nani garu watched his short film ‘Dialouge In The Dark’ called and asked him, ‘Ilanti crazy stuff nuvvu inka emanna unte first naake call cheyyi, I’d like to be a part of it’.

So then Prashanth narrated the story to Nani, and he liked it and said he would produce it. Initially Prashanth anukunnadhi, Awe, anedhi oka chinna short film, produced by himself, starring all new actors. But it was Nani, who supported Prashanth and gave him support to dream big and made it look th grand.

Prashanth even said that, Nani is the coolest and the best producer one can work with. Full creative freedom istharu. First look nunchi, final output dhaaka he did not even ask me change one particular scene.

CEO/Founder at AdsVille:

Not just a director, Prashanth also owns a company, AdsVille, a company that makes Ad films for brands.And Scriptsville, a company that encourages young and talented storytellers and gives them a platform to develop stories, is also a part of that.

Nani About Prashanth:

Naku first Prashanth katha cheppi, chepa role ki voice over adiginappudu, baga nachi oka promise chesanu, neeku nenu oka manchi producer vethiki pedthanu ani. Ah tharwatha ee katha ni iddharu, mugguru pedha producers ki cheppalani anukunna, but ela start cheyali, vaallaki chepthe artham avthundha ani aalochinchi aagipoya.


Konni rojula tharwatha, Ninnu Kori, Adiga Adiga song shoot appudu Prashanth naa kosam set lo wait cheyatam chusi, shoot ayyina ventane velli, ‘Prashanth ee cinema nene produce chesthunna’ ani cheppanu.

Fun Fact About Awe:

Ee cinema story andhari kante mundhu, complete ga vinnadhi Nani, Ravi Teja and Kajal. Surprising enti ante, katha vinagane cinema ni mugguru produce chesthamu annaru.

And ee story gurinchi poorthi ga thelisindhi kuda ee actors ki mathrame, migitha cast ki shoot appudu kevalam vaalla parts varake thelsu, it was during the dubbing session when everyone realized what would be happening at the very end.


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