10 Things Every ‘Other State Guys’ Staying In Hyderabad Will Relate To


This is exclusively written for all the guys who came all along to Hyderabad for living, be it education/job search/employment. If you are left out with the only option of going away from your home town and if you have choosen Hyderabad – Thank God 🙏 You have taken a very good decision fortunately. Hyderabad stands #1 in the list of Best liveable cities of India, that says it all ♥️


1. Hyderabadi’s eat Spicy food re!
The food we eat is generally spicy, I agree. And I know that some of you are uncomfortable with this. But yeah, either you will slowly get used to it or stick to your original spice levels.
When I offer home cooked food to my colleague: ‘Bahut spicy hai bhai, my ass is burning now!’


2. Speaking with Telugu Maids
Most of you take rooms for rent and will somehow find that one perfect cook! They may not be understanding your language, but they will somehow grasp what you are trying to convey! Eventually, they will cook the way you want!


3. These Telugu People are Born Rich!
I don’t know from where this misconception came from, but everyone thinks that we are rich! It would have registered in your mind just because of the gold on our body 😜 Yes, we love Gold and invest in it!


4. Best Street Food!
Dosas –Bajji, Haleem – Shawarma, Samosa – Jileb: simply the best! And Hyderabad Biryani is bae 😍
Most of the North people will like Biryani which is just okay for us and if you try the biryani which we actually love, you will turn red!
Others will just fall in love with the world famous Hyderabadi Biryani.


5. Traffic & Transport
Airport to ORR exit, everything will be beautiful. But once you land in the heart of the city, you need to bear with traffic and that’s like any other city.
Bikes, autos & cabs are easily available which makes your life easy!


6. Rich tags Big Hearts!
Our marriages/parties will be fun and rich, we like people and love big get togethers! People also think that guys of Telugu states take a lot of dowry which is obviously not true 😝

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7. Chill locations
You have the best locations to chill out on your rest days, some great getaways nearby.
And not to forget about the Pubs, restaurants, night life, street food, malls. You name it, we have it!


8. Economical
Some feel that Hyderabad is little expensive (IT guys staying around Hitec city). But everyone else around the outskirts feel its economical and remember guys – we are #1 city with best living standards.


9. Gaining weight
When you are away from your home, you will obviously loose weight. But unlike other cities, you will increase your weight after coming to Hyderabad. Because wherever you go, you will find some tempting food!


10. And good people
Non Telugites: Help, Recommendations, exploring the streets of Hyderabad?
Telugites: Anytime!
End of the day, you will be happy staying here because of all the good people around you!

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Feasible transport, easily available food, economical, great facilities, good security and many more makes everyone to settle peacefully in Hyderabad! Tag your Telugu best friends and let them know you love Hyderabad! And my dear telugites, let your friends know that they are staying in a Paradise. Cheers!


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