India Is Now A Space Power. Here’s Everything About ASAT Satellites & Mission Shakti


DRDO (The Defence Research and Development Organisation) undoubtedly is a pride of our country. Mana Defence organisation enno successful missions, satellites ni launch chesindhi. They made us reach to next level and emerged India as one of The Space Powers. They have recently conducted Mission Shakti and successfully tested ASAT Missile. After USA, Russia, China.., India daggara maathrame ASAT Missile undhi.


ASAT Missile – Anti Satellite Missile,
Ee missile ki live satellite ni destroy cheyagalige capability untundi, Mission Shakti successfully targeted a satellite at LEO – Low earth orbit. Earth ki 2000km – 3000km altitude kindha unna satellite dwara water and ground resources gurinchi telusukovachu. Vaatini LEO Satellites antaaru and they move with extreme speed. Ilaanti vishayaalu verey countries ki teliyadam danger . So ASAT Missile will protect our country if such breaches happen.


“India Space programme ki ASAT missile oka kotha balanni isthundi. Kaani ee balanni etuvanti chedu ki India upayoginchadu, ee missile India badhrathaku maatrame. Memeppudu outer space wars ki vyatirekame, this test won’t breach any international law or treaties.” ani PM Modi mentioned in his press conference.


Here is the Press note of PM Modi.

Ee Success okka DRDO scientists maathrame celebrate cheskovalsindi kaadhu, prathi okka Indian celebrate cheskovalsindhi. Let’s Celebrate. Jai Hind.


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