From Radio’s Iconic RJ To Movies, ‘Mirchi Kiran’ Gives Us A Peek Into His Life


Meeru kanaka Telugu cinema lu baga chuse manchi audience ithe, you must be knowing who ‘Mirchi Kiran’ garu is. You’ve seen him in ‘Malli Raava’, ‘Hello Guru Premakosame’, and Gangstars (web series), and recently in ‘F2’.

And if you also listen to ‘Radio Mirchi’, you might’ve definitely heard of ‘Babji Babu Baga Busy’ and his epic sarcastic takes on Telugu movies.

He’s not just an actor and RJ andoi, he has worked as a writer for ‘Majnu’, ‘Babu Baga Busy’ and an upcoming Kalyam Ram’s film ‘118’ too.

Screen meedha kotha talent ni chudali anukune variki ‘Mirchi Kiran’ gari screen presence and unique timing is a breath of fresh air ane cheppali.

So this upcoming talent sat down with us, for a short and sweet interview, where I asked him some intersting questions about him and his work, have a look:

1. Tell us about your ‘Radio Mirchi’ life. Eppudu, Ela start ayyindhi ?

Epudu start ayindho chepthe naa age telisipothundi kabatti.. ela start ayyindho
chepthaanu. ‘Radio Mirchi’ lo Join avvaka mundhu, nenu Sound Engineer ga pani
chesevadini. Rajamouli gari ‘Shanthi Nivasam‘ serial, nenu Dubbing Engineer ga pani chesina Second serial (first di taravta cheptha). Aah tarvata chaala movies ki pani chesanu. Tarvata naa creativity ni next level ki ela theesukellali ani aalochisthunna time lo First FM Radio Station in Hyderabad start avvabothondi ani paper lo choosanu. Naa agnyaanam valla dhaaniki ela apply cheyalo kuda theliyaka RJ
auditions ki vellanu. RJ ga reject ayyanu, but dhorikina aah contact tho na thelivi vaadi Radio Mirchi lo ‘Promo Producer’ ga join ayyanu. Which gave me a scope to Ideate lot of New Stuff around sound itself.

2. Radio to Movies. Ee journey eppudu, ela start ayyindhi ?

Radio Mirchi lo meeru vine Cinema Paatalu, RJ maatalu, kakunda meeku baaga
nacche (Collar egaresi self dabba) rest of creatives anni design chesi, produce cheyadam naa pani. As part of it, I got a chance to introduce Radio Characters like ‘Chanti Banti‘, ‘Baby Mummy‘, ‘Manager Manikyam‘, ‘Tsunami‘, ‘Breaking News Babu rao‘ and ‘Babji Babu Baaga Busy‘. Babji_Babu Baaga Busy, which is a subtle satire on Film Industry, reached out to almost everybody in Tollywood Industry. From Raghavendra Rao garu to RGV everybody appreciated my writing skills in that (malli self dabba), which again I feel I’m lucky to get all those applauses from such legends and the Best of Tollywood People. Producer Geetha Golla Gariki kuda alane na maatalu nachi, gave me an opportunity to write Dialogues for ‘Majnu‘ followed by ‘Babu Baaga Busy‘ Produced By Abhishek gaaru, I was overwhelmed when Abhishek garu was hell bent on Naming the film Babu Baaga Busy which is a caption of the Radio Character Babji on Radio Mirchi that he likes the most. Oka rakanga cheppalante Babji ane character lo naa voice nannu artist ga avakasam theppinchindi, andulo maatalu naaku cinemalaku raase avakasam thecchindi.

3. Movies lo ki ravatam, is it your own decision, or mee charm and energy chusi, movies eh mimmalni approach ayyaya ?

Acting was never in my mind. Eppudu writing and Directing gurinche I was thinking
and putting efforts on it to make it better…oka roju got a call from a Director of a film for which Gautam Thinnanuri is the writer saying, oka Tamil-Telugu Bilingual movie chesthunnamu, andulo meeru act cheyali, shooting Chennai lo, Friday okka roju date kaavali, Manager mee flight Tickets pampisthadu please come ani. Kaasepu porapatu paddaremo anukuni nenu actor kaadani explain cheyadaniki try chesa, kaani vaallu memu full clarity tho unnam.Mee Radio Characters lo mee Modulation baaguntundi, meeroccheyandi annaru. Sare shooting friday antunnaru, flight antunnaru…paigaa vallu nannu nammuthunnaru,oka prayatnam chesi chooddam,vallaki nacchaka pothe ee avakasanni vaadukuni chennai lo unna friends ni weekend ki kaliseyocchu kada anna (kakkurthi) udhesam tho flight ekkaanu. Land avvagaane..MGR studio lo Make Up vesukuni murisipothunna naa daggariki Asst.Director vacchi scene Paper chethilo pettadu, adi Tamil lo undi.taravata telisindi for some reasons first Tamil part shoot cheyalsi vacchindi ani. Meelane modhatlo nenu kooda chacchindi gorre anukunnanu, taravata edo manage chesanu….but Telugu part Kummesanu ani Gautam Feel ayyadu, thana directorial debut lo Actor gaa avakasam icchadu. I’m always thankful to him for finding an Artist in me.


4. Majnu & Babu Baga Busy ane movies ki writer ga chesaru. Tell us about that, Writer avvali ane thought eppudu vachindi ?

Manchi cinema lu choosthu unnappudu, avi manalni entha impress chesthayante, aah
impression itharalu ki manam kooda kaliginchagalithe entha baaguntundo anna felling audience lo prathi okkariki anipisthundi…if you are good audience, you will make good films, naakeppudu nenu good audience anna feeling undedi. So alaane
eppatikaina oka story teller avvalane feeling undedi. Dhaanni achieve cheyadanke I
sailed in different ships to reach that…and neninkaa daarilone unnanu. Aa daarilone
oka sound engineer ni ayyanu, taravata Radio lo raayadam modalu petti writer ni
ayyanu, aa anubhavame ‘Majnu’ cinema ki writer avakasaanni tecchindi. Later followed by Babu Baaga Busy.


5. Meeru Bigg Boss- 1 ki work chesaru kadha, appatlo Telugu lo adhantha new format, Ela anipinchindi ? How was it working with Jr. NTR garu ?

Answer meeku mundhe telusu emo ani oka kshanam bhayapaddanu. Endukante yes, it was totally new Format. Kaani dhaniki nannu recruit chesukune appudu Hindi Biggboss choosava ani adigaru, okka episode kooda choodaledu ani cheppanu, kani dhani Director Hindi aayana,okka episode kuda miss avvakunda choosanu ani aayanaki artham ayindi, nannu ok chesaru. Biggboss, again I can say its another milestone and an Unforgettable experience for me. Tarak gaari laanti actor tho pani chese avakasam raavadam nijamgaa I can say i was too lucky. General ga STAR actors acting gurinche andaru matladutharu, appreciate chestharu, but nenu Tarak garitho pani chesinapudu, aayana creative side choosanu, Hatsoff to his attention to detail and his clarity of thought in what he is doing. His discipline his dedication… antha pedda star aina aayane antha kasta padutunte nenemi hardwork cheyatledenti anipisthundi ..I still can’t forget the first ever moments that i spent with him at work, First ever Episode shoot of BiggBoss Telugu ki, at a stretch 8hours aayana continous gaa nilabade unnaru, just to see that it is finished on time as we had time constraints for the Broadcast. Nenu chepithe soap esinattu untundi kaani, I have heard much better adjectives about him from other technicians on the sets, who worked for more than 11 seasons in Hindi. and they were in total awe of him..just cant wait to see him at work again.there is so much to learn from him. Huge Respect and feel very proud for assisting him in his First ever Television work.Wonderful days.and aayana vandina biryani aayana cinemalaki first day first show ki tkts laga egabadi thosesukuni thinesanu nenu. Best ever.

6. Acting, Writing or RJing. Meeku ekkuvaga edhi ante baga ishtam ?

Fulltime RJ gaa nenu konni rojule pani chesaanu, but nenu Radio lo play chesina characters ey naaku ekkuva popularity ni thecchayi, and ave naaku cinema lo acting chances thecchayi…so original ga ne nenu actor avvadam valla Radio lo characters baga perform cheyagaligana ledaa Radio lo cheyadam valle screen meedha aa modulations and style help ayi manchi actor anipinchaayo naakepudu confusion eh, So I like both..and enjoy both. Coming to writing, I feel, manaku thelisna, ledhaa manam vinna oka chinna Joke, pakkana evarikaina cheppadam lone manaki entho kick ni oka joy ni isthundi, alantidi mana aalochanalalo puttina padaalu, maatalu theatre lo koorchunna vandala mandhiki cheppagalige avakasam ante, inkentha kick ni isthundi?? so i love writing too!!


7. Tell us about your future projects and works

I just finished Kalyanram gari next movie ‘118’, Directed by K.V.Guhan sir. Writer ga
two more projects are in pipeline. Anduloni oka cinema casting evaro chepithe, naaku
antha scene undhaa antaru, inko cinema ento chepithe vaarini bhale chance
kottesaade ani FEEL avuthaaru, so cheppa. Acting kooda anthe, the Directors under
whom i will be acting next chepite disthi pettestharu so nenu cheppaa..(pun intended)

8. Dream director, actor you want to work with in future, and why.

Very boring and routine answer, but yes, given a chance I would like to act with every
actor and every director. Endukante acting anedhi it’s an experience of living a different persons life. Writing anedhi its a journey with a directors creative mind in creating different characters. Both I guess are boon for anybody. So I’m too greedy that way to miss that opportunity.

9. Telugu Film Industry lo ki kotha ga vachinappudu, who has been the most supportive to you ?

Firstly I want to thank my Brother Vikram, who is an Editor in Television for more than a two Decades now. Endukante naaku inka chaduvu raadu anna okka clarity occhaka saradaga intlo koorchuni chill chesthunte, epudo saradagaa naaku sound engineering ante istam ani thanaki cheppina maatlani serious ga theesukuni, Telugu Televison and Cinema Industry Motham Analog Sound System Nundi Digital Systems ki Shift avuthunna time lo kotthagaa vacchina Digital Sound system(protools) gurinchi thanu pani chese studio lo Tranining jaruguthunte nannu akkadiki theesukelladu,padi rojulu training ippinchaadu,devudi daya valla migata vallakante aa technology and software naake ekkuva arthamyindi and I excelled in using it. Aa vishayam maa vaadiki taravata rendu nelalu gap occhindi.after that one fine day bike meeda ekkinchukuni srinagar colony lo oka building mundhu aapi,nannu lopaliki theesukelli akkada manager tho (nannu adaga kundaa) veedu maa thammudu,meeru kotthaga introduce chesina Protools(sound engineering software) ane software lo mee serial work chesthunnaranta kada veedini sound engineer ga pettukondi ani cheppi velli poyadu.nenu sound engineer ayipoyanu anna vishayam aa taravata aa manager occhi Murali Mohan garu repu Dubbing ki vasthunnaru ,studio set up ready chesuko annaka telisindi.(idi naa first daily serial peru Aaradhana)manaki vere pani raadu,antho intho artham ayindi
idokkate so muniginaa telinaa indulo ne anna dhruda sankalpam tho kindhaa meedha padi 23/7(ganta bathroom ki gap icchevaru) 364 days (dhanitho aa serial ayipoindi) pani chesi koncham koncham telisina sound engineering lo over time excel cheyagaliganu,and rest is all thanks to him for what ever he did that day….and I have to Thank my Dearest Friend,Guide God Mother Supriya, literal ga she has been pushing me hard to reach greater heights always!!


10. Acting, Writing, RJing eh na, inka maku theliyani talents meelo emmana unnaya?

Prasthuthaniki inthe. But i still have to prove myself with my first love-writing a Good Story and bringing on to the screen – hoping it will happen this year. Fingers


11. And as a talented outsider, what would you suggest the upcoming actors who want to get into movies ?

Ayyo, nenu kooda inkaa upcoming artist ne, So suggestions icche antha pedda vaadini
kaadu inkaa.. But okati cheppalante everybody will have some uniqueness in them, I guess identifying that in themselves helps a lot and makes them stand out from is taken care by the law of nature.


12. And of course, Radio, your first love. Upcoming RJs’ ki em tips/suggestions istaru?

This reminds me of a very famous Puri sir& Dialogue from Business man ..’Surya Bhai’ its not a name, its a BRAND.So Good,Bad or Ugly. Be yourself and stay yourself.And be informed and have an opinion on everything and about everything that is happening around and add your personal touch to it. That makes you unique and
different and that it self will make you a BRAND over times.Believe in yourself.

So, we at ChaiBisket, wish this multi-talented upcoming artist a all the very best. And hope to see more of his work this year.

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