12 Things About Long Distance Friendship Every Person Can Relate To If They Have Friends Living Far Away From Them!


Everyone talks about how difficult long distance friendships and how they have lost friends or how their friendship just faded away. But just because there’s distance between them, that does not mean you have to give up on them. In fact this makes your bond with them stronger. Of course it is difficult, you get so used to that person that he or she turns into a habit, and breaking away from them hurts like hell. But there are so many other good things about being in this situation. There is not much difference, just that you were two stupid people in the same place but now you are two stupid people doing the same stupid things in two different places. Here are some reasons how this makes your bond stronger:

1. Surprise visits
When you are in two different places every chance you get to meet them is like the time of your life and surprise visits and random gifts can only set your mood for the rest of the month. And each meeting is new, kalisina prathisari oka yugam tarvata kalisina feeling. Magadheera lo laga current kottaka poyna aa feeling ae veru asalu. Every meeting is definitely magical.

2. Cannot fight for too long, fights end in the same conversation
Fights do not last for too long, oka china fight iyna lovers kante darnanga dooram dooram ani padeskuntam. Ado music video lo unnatu ala sky ni leda window ninchi view ni oka deep expression tho chustham. Okasari ga mana happy memories anni mind lo flash iyyi parigethukuntu vachi phone or Skype chestham.

3. Exchanging notes
Mari pagelu pagelu raasi pampak poyana, a small text like ‘Good morning, you are going to have a great day’ or ‘You are awesome, I’m lucky to have you’ can brighten your entire day, inka Hasini laga roju motham navvuthune vuntaru. Or people who are not this sweet to their friends, like all of my best friends, send texts like ‘I miss your stupid face’ ala ghaatu ga cheptharu, manam andulo prema ni ethukovali.

4. Ugly picture just to remind them how much you love them
Sending each other ugly pictures just remind them how much you love them. Using Snapchat with ugly filters or just showing them how gross your new pimple because why suffer alone. Inka oka confidence tho pampistham, manam mana worst lo unna they will still love us.

5. Sharing memories
Everytime we talk we are always remembering of the best times we had. Arey aa roju vadi mida prank chesam, vaadini adpincham, akkada ila escape iyyam anukuntu untaru. Obviously me memories ki verevaalu bali but remembering your best times will strengthen your bond. Talking in the code language you guys have created or just sounds when your roommates are around will transport you to another time

6. A place to stay
You can always crash their apartment when you go to their city. Prathi friend avasarame, andhulo best friends andarikante ekkuva avasaramu. Vaalu manaki shelter isthe bachground music cheekati tho veluge cheppenu nenu unnanu ani start iypothadi. Naadi ane di needenoy, needi ane di naade noy anukuntu vellipotham.

7. Exploring things you can do together even if you are apart
Just because we are away from each other doesn’t mean we are not doing things together. Mana favourite hero di first day first show ki velli prathi scene ki feelings text cheskuntu untamu. Going partying together or for a meal together and virtually be there for each other or gossiping about people. All of this just makes us realize we are both going to hell and this is the best thing in your life.

8. You always have someone at the end of the day who will agree, you know how to make each other laugh
Sometimes no one agrees with us and our opinion, about something we strongly feel about, is not given any value. Appudu manam nindu chandurudu oka vaipu chukkalu oka vaipu, nenu okkadini oka vaipu lokam okavaipu ane feels lo vuntam. Mana one ray of hope laga vaalu agree with everything ani mana self confidence ni restore chestaru.

9. Decision making not without consultation
Just because ythey are away from you doesn’t mean they are not involved in your life. Meeru theeskune prathi decision lo vaalu kanapadtharu. Which course to join, which job to take ninchi which tablet to take varaku annitlo vaalu participate chestharu. End of the day they are the ones who take your call even at 3 a.m. or stay up talking to about these decisions.

10. If you can survive this, then you can survive anything
In spite with all the distance, the not being there in the moment and new friends you continue to stay together, you can survive anything. Back biting, manipulative people don’t stand a chance after you have passed the test of time.

11. Tagging in memes
Nothing can be a sign of a strong and deep friendship than tagging in each other in memes. Roju ki okasari tag cheyyakpoyna leda verevaalani chesina insecure feelings vachesthay. Relatable situations, inside jokes ivvani memes lo tag cheskuntuna me tappa ovariki ardham kaavu, aa pichi lone mee anandam.

12. Hating their new friends
Vaalu yevaro theliyakpoyina we blindly hate them. Papam for all we know vaalu next Mother Theresa or Abdul Kalam but we just do not like them. Mari ee kotha friend ae new bakra, virigipoyna tape recorder laga mana best friend tho unna stories malli malli chepthuntam.

A shoutout to all those long distance friends!


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