16 Lesser Known Facts About Popular Movies That Will Surely Amaze You!


Here are some of the well hidden facts about movies that we love. This stuff is not common knowledge, but they have in fact been confirmed by the people involved in the course of various interviews.


1. Ala modalaindi

Initially they wanted to title the movie as ‘Prema Thokka Tholu’.

Ala Modalaindi’ Movie Stills (1)


2. Ala modalaindi
The climax dialogue in which Nani expresses his love to Nitya was written by Nani himself.



3. Vedam
Krish wanted to do the character of Karpooram, but decided against it after his mom warned him.



4. Vedam
Raheemuddin Khureshi (character played by Manoj Bajpai) is the name of Krish’s best friend in intermediate.



5. Vedam
When Anushka suggested Nikki (personal make-up person of Anushka), she had shown krish the video of Nikki dancing to Kajarare song. He liked it and decided to meet Nikki to cast him.



6. Bommarilu
This story point was conceived by me when Bhaskar was in film institute. It started with the thread of a small communication gap between father and son. Then the idea of making girl stay in boy’s place for seven days. And the rolling titles. After that Bhaskar did not give a serious thought about developing this story idea into a script. But Sukumar had always been reminding Bhaskar to develop this story idea.



7. Arundathi
He had Tamil actor Pasupati in his mind when he wrote the story. That is why he named the character as Pasupathi.



8. Arundathi
When they show Sonu Sood the sketches of Pasupathi, he was not keen to play such a violent character. Despite of that, he accepted it by looking at the enthusiasm of the makers.



9. Arundathi
The indoor scenes of the 15 minute flashback episode were shot for 106 days.



10. Ashta Chamma
Working title for the film was ‘Hello Hello O Abbai’. The makers were looking for a unique, trendy yet traditional title. The caption for it was ‘oka peru – rendu jantalu – nalugu premalu – dozen godavalu’. When he was discussing with Kalyani Malik, he suggested Ashta Chemma. They could not have asked for a better title.



11. Ashta chamma
The director originally had Bhumika Chawla and Deepak (Arjan Bajwa) as his initial choices for the role of Rambabu and Lavanya. The shooting of Bhumika’s Anasuya got delayed. And she expressed her unwillingness to join them on time. Hence Deepak also opted out.



12. Gamyam- krish naxalite character
They were shooting the episode in Rampachodavaram. They called and asked around 15 leading character artists to play the Naxal leader and everybody was busy. It was the fight masters Ram – Lakshman who suggested that Krish could do the role himself. He was sporting a big beard and long flowing hair and a bandana, he was a perfect fit for this character. He styled himself into the Che Guevara get-up as he was a big fan.



13. Godavari
Sekhar Kammula’s cousin sister named her dog ‘Koteswara Rao’. He got the idea to name the dog in this film, ‘Kotigadu’ from there.



14. Chatrapathi
While picturing the gala gala song, they arranged bombs in the back where they blast colorful chamkis. Prabhas and Shriya were told in advance that the bomb would blow and once the chamki’s reach certain position, they should start dancing. Prabhas placed ear muffs. Shriya did not bother to cover her ears with muffs. When blast took place, she went so blank due to sound that she started walking out of the set as if she forgotten everything. Prabhas had to go to her and bring her back into camera field just in time.

GALA GALA HQ DVD Rip by Prabhasmyhero[(000893)18-14-43]


15. Anokukunda oka roju
Initial choice was Genelia. She liked the story but did not have dates for the period the makers wanted. The next option was Bhumika Chawla. However, that did not materialize and the project fell into Charmi’s Lap.



16. Anokukunda oka roju
The scene in which Harshavardhan gets down from running car and gets in again took multiple takes. The timing right was not right at all. They shot this scene in Mothi Nagar road with around 2000 onlookers on the streets. They were not satisfied with that shot, but had to keep it anyway.



Source : Various Interviews


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