10 Ice Cream Joints In Hyderabad That You Must Try Immediately!

Any Meal is incomplete without Dessert, and no dessert on the menu can compete with an Ice Cream. An Ice cream is best enjoyed on a hot summers afternoon. However,nothing can beat the thrill of having an Ice Cream when it is raining outside. Ice cream is definitely among the top 10 greatest inventions ever made by man.
Hyderabadi’s if you are suddenly craving for a taste of a delicious Ice Cream, here’s where you can head to,
1. Cream Stone:
This surely has to be the list topper. Their unique concept of ice cream making or their delicacies let it be anything this is sure to be the place for some mouth watering deserts. Willy Wonka is my personal choice in these outlets.
2. Natural’s:
Want some change over the regular ice creams? Try this place for the natural flavoured ice creams which are lip smacking. Malai ice cream is a must try along with other seasonal flavours.
3. Hazzel:
Another renowned Ice cream joint in the city and this one is gaining the momentum. This cup shaped happiness is sure going to give you a tasty experience. Nutty caramel is a must try.
4. Mist N Cream!:
Live ice cream? Hell yeah!! This places helps you have a glimpse of how ice cream is made and you can enjoy the making of your favourite thing.
5. Oh So Stoned!:
This one is the new rage in the city. Slightly heavy on the pocket compared to others but it’s worth all of it. American Pie and Brownie in Jar is a must try here.
6. Baskin Robins:
This was sure the favourite thing for many of us before cream stone took over, but for all of who have missed this is worth a try. Banana caramel is the best thing you’ll eat here.
7. Ci Gusta:
This place in particular deserves special attention; the frozen delights are just amazing here so is the ambience also and “parafait” comes highly recommended here.
8. Hotch Potch:
This is one fine place to go with the basic delicacies. It serves the finest chocolate eateries. Any dry fruit flavour would leave you craving for more.
9. Temptations:
For people around the centre city and other areas, you are sure to find any of these outlets in your nearby location and serve’s you with the right taste always.
10. Famous Ice cream:
The name itself speaks for this outlet need to say more?
Head on to any of these outlets and let us know which Ice Cream You liked the best.

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