15 Things That Accurately Describe Everything About Life In The “GITAM University” Campus!


GITAM University, one of top most colleges in South India. Eh okka course ni vadalakunda starting from Engineering till Medicine ikkada anni courses unnai. Management, Law, Pharmacy, Science ila anni courses ikkada unnai. GITAM ani muddhuga pilichina the full abbreviation of it is Gandhi Institute of Technology and Management. Founded by Ex MP Sri.Murthy garu, this university has been a home to many successful people over the years. Going strong even after 37 years, GITAM remains as one of the most popular institutions in Andhra Pradesh.
Like every college, GITAM has its own swag. Right from the college atmosphere to the student achievements, ikada chadivina prathi student life it made its mark. Here are some reasons why it is so special!!

1.High Security
College student ante first identification id card. Ee formula ni faculty nammakapoina ma “Machi Raju” baga nammuthadu. ID card leka pothe Hud Hud ni aina he wont allow inside the college. Facebook lo ayanakunna following chuste manake pichekestadi.

2.Beach Drive
The best part ani cheppochu. Lying just opposite to the sea, GITAM gives us best marine drive everyday.

3.Kondamma and Kondababu Maggi
Its not a pan shop, its an emotion for all Gitamites. Maggi nundi Yippiee daka, Warnings nundi settlements daka chala vatiki ive adda.

Interactions aina, preparations aina khaliga kurchuni chill avataniki aina ivi best. No one disturbs you.

5.Fashion Street
Best place to chill after bunking the class. AC lo kurchovalante Subway, kaliga kurchovalante akadi arugulu.

6.RTC vs Auto wala
“Eyy GITAM” facelu chudagane manam GITAM ani auto vallu itte kanipettestaru. Andhuke ikada RTC kante auto Ke demand ekkuva. Vallu ee rate chepte ade dharmam ade vedam.

7.Bheemas Bonda – Sairam Vada
If there something people miss about GITAM, may be these are the two things that will top the list. And next comes the famous “Kalmi Biryani”.

Eh college lo aina fests ullasam kosam chestaru kani ikada adedo udhyamam la chestaru. Even semesters lo aite week ki atleast oka fest aina untundhi. “GUSAC Carnival and GEM”, are pride of GITAM ani cheppochu.

Photography nundi writing varaku, Technology nundi business varaku prathi daniki there is a club. And best part is everyone of them is run by students. GUSAC lo technology gurinchi chepte, GCIED lo start-ups. Kalakriti lo all cultural aspects. Vititho paatu social organisations like NSS,Rotaract, Vivaan and Technical organisations like ISTE,IE,ACM lantivi kuda unnai. So ikada almost students andaru denilo oka danilo occupied anamata. That’s why they say “Once a GITAMITE, Always a Dynamite” ani.

10.An unanswered question
GITAM ante Gandhi Institute of Technology and Management antaaru, GIT ante GITAM Institute of Technology antaru. That means is it Gandhi Institute of Technology and Management Institute of Technology ????

11.The Lan wars
Hostel lo okadu, inti dagara okadu, ila andaru okkochota kurchuni ee game feels carry chestaru. Edo vallalo vallu matladukuntu aruchukuntu untaru.

12.Photography and short films – Talents
GITAM ante photographers club short films ki hub ani bayata manchi peru. Almost every 10 members lo oka photographer, inko director untadu.

13.Beach Holi
Vizag ante ne beach. Inka aa beach eduruga college ante entha crazy untadi. Inka Holi roju ayite andaru kalisi beach lo rangulu, eggs inka chala vatitho manchi hungama chestaru.

14.Class pics
Every batch pass out aye mundu, valla section alphabet formation lo photo digututaru. It is kind of tradition here. Its fun yet memorable.

15.Kokila Sadan Kastalu
Girls hostel, villaki unde rules almost central jail range lo untai. 6 tarvata bayta okka girl kuda kanapadadu. Sundays kuda ade position. Vallaki aa hostel ee anni. Em chesina aa compound lone.

Not just these, from the morning walks on the beach to evening coffee at Bean board, life in GITAM is special to everyone associated with this campus. These are some special things about GITAM and its time to share what is special about your college!!

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