9 Realistic Things That Describe How Girls Deal With Break Up


Contributed By Aditi Chaitanya

Manam chuse movies kaani, Youtube videos kaani or edaina webseries kaani, annitlo telso teliyako abbaila badha meeda ne emphasis chestaru. As a girl, it really makes me feel bad.
Endhuku oka break up scenario lo antha importance abbailaki istharu?

For example, Arjun Reddy movie lo director has virtually shown us only the pain Arjun takes but not what Preethi goes through. Maybe it’s only about ARJUN Reddy as the title says so.

Break up anagane beard penchukunna hero’s meeda emphasis chesestaru. Hero taagutunnatuu and smoke chestunnattu choopistaru.

But why don’t directors, creators, content writers ever focus on the female’s version?

Infact oka ammaiki break up aithe adi oka funny part ga maarchestaru. I’m not a feminist here. I just don’t understand why isn’t there equal treatment of emotions when in comes to breakup on screen.

Oka break up ainappudu girls kuda chaala pain ki guri avtharu. Probably boys kante ekkuva. Atleast boys taagesi tirgesi divert avtharu. But girls ki ala kaadu. Lopala entha pain unna, atleast intlo vaallamundu normal ga unattu nattinchaali. Okka tear kanpinchina 100 questions raise avtai. We try our best to not hurt our parents and we put a fake smile and try to keep the pain to ourselves.

Evarki cheppaleka edvaleka em cheyaleka undipotham or maximum unna trusted 2-3 closest friends ki cheppi unna pain lo oka 1% pain ni panchukuntam. Kaani, aa pain ni entha share chesina, at the end experience avthundi maname kaabatti pain effect em taggadu.

Girls break up pain nunchi chaala ways lo try chestaru…like..


1. Over eating desserts/Junk or Not eating at all

Tinte atiga tinesi laavu perigi, chivarki maaku meme nachaka adola tayyaravtham. Ledante assal tinakunda, neersanga, unhealthy ga aipotham. Rondu mana physical and emotional health ni damage cheseve.

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2. Deleting/deactivating social media accounts

Instagram, Facebook, YouTube ninda romantic quotes, poems, songs, videos etc etc enno untai.
Unna badhalo alaantivi kanpisthe Inka pichekkutundi. For example, breakup badha lo unnappudu social media lo edo proposal video kanpisthe mind antha paadavthundi. We start questioning everything.
Also, e time lo evaritho matladalani kuda undadu. Evari messages ki reply ivvalani kuda undadu. Em cheyalani undadu kaabatte inka dooramga untam social media ki.

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3. Start focusing on career/ruining education

Okavela girls ki breakup aina tarvata oka positive support unte from her environment, she might decide to study seriously and do something big. It’s a good time to take any initiative though it’s a little difficult. Half of the girls going through breakup, give on their academics. Vaallu kolipoina manshi mundu vaallaki vaalla academics or professional future kanpinchadu. Aa badha emotional ga manalni damage cheyadam start chesinappudu, obviously chaduvu meeda focus pettadam impossible. But aina kuda we must try to focus on education (in my opinion).

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4. Changing the way we look

Konni saarlu breakup aina badha, frustration and kopam lo many girls decide to change the way they look. For example, going to gym aggressively to transform, having an extreme haircut, piercings, hair coloring and change in dress sense.

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This is the most painful yet most common method. Self pain, suicidal thoughts, suicide attempts, etc kuda chestam. Praanam kante ekkuvaga ishta padina manshi manatho lenappudu e life inka enduku ani anipistundi. It’s a very sensitive stage and must be handled very meticulously.

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6. Staying alone

Konthamandi girls, break up aina badhalo aa painlo, vallani vaallu extreme levels lo isolate cheseskuntaaru. Evartho maatladaru. Assal vaalla presence undo ledo kuda teliyadu vaalla friends ki.

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7. Inability to trust another person or the concept of love again

Since we’ve lost a person in the relationship, girls even begin to lose trust in the concept of love.

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8. Drinking/Smoking (The modern age morons)

The modern age morons.
Just as men, some women try to drink their pain away. Smoke to the fullest capacity of their lungs and try to make exhale their heaviness with the smoke. I am not against women drinking. Infact, I myself got drunk so much to deal with my break up. But I never liked the idea of it later on. I mean, just because you’re drunk, you can’t forget the person you love. It’ll only make your pain worse. I personally wouldn’t recommend a girl to drink her pain away but that’s how it’s become nowadays. Taagesthe badha pothundemo ane oka yedhava concept abbailani choosi, even girls are making heart break an excuse to drink. Drinking is really not a solution to any problem.

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9. Crying (Basic yet underrated)

We cry our hearts out. Sometimes it even physically begins to hurt so much. You can literally feel something eating up your insides. Lopala antha oka empty feeling. Edchi edchi inka kanneellu raavu, blood vachestundemo ani anipistundi. Intlo evarki teliyakunda, vinapadakunda, kanapadakunda bathroom lo edvadam, blanket kappukoni, cheyi tho sound raakunda mana noru mooskoni lopala antha kumili kumili edvadam antha easy ga undadu. Kani konnisaarlu aa kanneella thappa manaku inkevi thoduga undavu. Malli Malli Idi Raani Roju Movie lo Nitya menon annattu, puttinappudununchi chanipoyevarku, manaku toduga undevi mana kanneellu maathramenemo.

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Asalu oka female side of pain in a relationship or heart break in chupinchina few movies ivi:

-Mahanati (Keerthy Suresh)
-Malli Malli Idi Raani Roju (Nitya Menon)
-Janatha Garage (Samantha)
– 3 (Shruthi Hassan)
– Fidaa (Sai Pallavi)


However, majority of the mainstream movies lo ammailu easily move on aiponattu choopistaru. But that’s not the truth.

Probably, we don’t show it, but for girls, when we love someone truly, it’s next to impossible for us to move on. Oka jeevitha kaalam saripodhu aa prema ni, aa manishini marchipovadaniki.

Edi emaina, love cheyadam varke manam cheyakalgedi. Avthala valla actions ni manam control cheyyalem.

Try cheste, aa relationship Inka ekkuva damage avtundi. All we can do is, to give our best in the relationship so that, ending lo atleast manaku oka regret undipovaddu that manam edo incomplete ga vadlesam ani or we didn’t try enough ani. Opika unnantha varku try cheyadame manamu cheyakalgedi. We are just humans. We can’t even manage our own emotions sometimes, how can we plan to manage other persons emotions? It’s best to stay silent for sometime. Anni calm ayyaka ave set avthay situations, if your relationship is meant to be, edo oka point of time lo, ade relationship mimmalni vethukuntu vasthundi. It’s best to give our best and wait for the rest to happen 🙂


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