9 Facts About Mahbubnagar That Will Make The Traveler In You Swoon!


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Mahbubnagar is a district that boasts equally of history, natural beauty and also temples of ancient importance. Here we present to you 9 facts about Rukmammapeta that make it so unique!


1. It is the largest district in Telangana by area – 18,432 km



2. It was formerly known as “Rukmammapet” and  “Palamoor”. The name was changed to Mahbubnagar on 4 December 1890, in honor of Mir Mahbub Ali Khan Asaf Jah VI, the then Nizam of Hyderabad. During the Nizam era, the people of this area used to sell milk, so it was named as “Palamoor”.



3. Mahbubnagar has held a lot of historic significance. The region was at the core of the Satavahana dynasty from 221 BC to 218 AD, and also a large part of the Chalukya dynasty from the 5th to the 11th century AD. It was later part of the Kingdom of Golkonda, and after that ruled by the Qutb Shahi and the Asif Jahi dynasties.

Mahbubnagar was most likely an historically Buddhist area, as many historic temples were destroyed by the Asaf Jahi rulers. There are no Buddhist temples remaining, however.

The Koilkonda fort, featured below, is the erstwhile outpost of the Qutab Shahi dynasty, perched on a hilltop. It is a sought-after destination for trekking nowadays.



4. Peerlamarri or Pillala Marri is an 800-year-old banyan tree. It is a major tourist attraction located 4 kilometers from Mahbubnagar town.

The tree has many banyan trees which grow in its proximity, like its children, hence the name. It is spread over three acres of land. Beneath the tree lies the tomb of a Muslim saint and hence the name Peerlamarri, which means Peer (saint) buried under the Marri(Banyan).



5. The Wanaparthy Palace, the erstwhile King’s Palace which stands at the center of the town, now hosts the Krishna Devaraya Polytechnic College. Wanaparthy is a university town, being an educational and business center for the regional population.



6. Avancha near Jadcherla is home to the largest Ekashila statue of Ganapathi in Asia.

avancha jedcherla


7. Alampur is home to the Sri Sri Sri Jogulaamba temple, the fifth of the famous 18 Shakthi Peethas, and the Sri Bala Brahmeshwara Swamy Temple.


Image Credit: Lovell D’Souza Photography


8. Umamaheswaram is a famous Lord Shiva temple in Rangapur, Achampet. It is the northern gate of Srisailam.



9. Famous for its Shiva Lingam at the foot of a waterfall, Mallela Theertham is a holy place attracts thousands of devotees throughout the year. The waterfall itself is a thing of natural beauty that you should not miss!



Maybe it’s time you added Mahbubnagar to your list of must-visit places!

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