45 Stunningly Composed Frames From ‘Ee Nagaraniki Emaindi’


Every piece of art gets its due recognition sooner or later. The film that we’re talking about today is, ‘Ee Nagariniki Emaindi‘. I still remember the day I’ve watched it in theatres, the same day ‘Sanju’ also released. As a Tharun Bhascker fan-boy I choose ‘Ee Nagaraniki..’. And felt ‘this is a crazy, crazy movie.‘. Surprisingly, not many people have watched it then. So, now that the film is officially out on ‘Jio Cinemas’, I think it’s a good time to talk about the brilliance of visuals and cinematography in the film. Each frame is filled with right colors and light that brings out some of the coolest visuals. Here’s a beautiful compilation of 45 stunningly composed frames from ‘Ee Nagaraniki Emaindi‘.


1. The movie starts with this ‘wide-angled’ shot of a road


2. And this cute dog..


3. And 4 grumpy men, crammed in a small car


4. They mess up..


5. Is that Thalaiva ??!


6. Look at the neon vibe..


7. And the confusion on his face..


8. We see tight close-ups of Uppu..


9. Even tighter..


10. Intlo addhalu endhi ra!!


11. Major ‘BabyDriver’ feels


12. What kinda bar is this!!


13. *Vivek Sagar’s Aagi aagi starts playing in the background*


14. Short-filmmakers..


15. And their love for terrace..


16. A short-filmmaker and his love.


17. What is this, Jubilee Hills or Gachibowli ?


18. ‘Ghar mein sab Hindi-ich baat karte !?’


19. What’s with this pretty vintage car, man!!


20. ‘Its not you, its me.’


21. He’s addicted to alcohol.


22. What a mess they’ve become.


23. While watching it for the second time, I was like, ‘Ooohhh, what a brilliant way to convey why this guy is running behind money in his life, no?‘. We all need money, don’t we?


24. Karthik is angry, But is he really?


25. Special mention to these crazy, crazy frames:


26. GOA !!!


27. Goa has never looked this beautiful !!


28. The beach and the sun.


29. *BRB. Booking tix for Goa ASAP*


30. Some cool trivia: Anisha Ambrose sang this song for real.

Here’s some more: That’s Music Director Vivek Sagar sitting beside her.


31. ‘Uncle, thoda price kam karo’


32. The streets of Goa


33. ‘On Screen’


‘Behind The Screen’


34. The vintage car & the beach strike back again.


35. Vivek is seeing himself here in this scene.


36. Most unusual engagement ever.


37. Some more classic Goa shots


38. ‘Rey Karthik, Idhi nee ring anukunta ra’


39. The ones who fight with each other the most, are also the ones that care about each other the most.


40. Chinna Vivek & Karthik


41. Psycho has started to smile again


42. Aaandd… Shirley is beautiful.


43. One of the most loveliest frames.


44. Back to basics..


45. And where they belong. (Psst! There’s a surprise here that I don’t wanna spoil for the people who haven’t watched the film yet.)


Credits to where it’s due:

One of the most sensible filmmakers of our times, Tharun Bhascker Dhaassyam.

And of course, not to forget the cinematographer of the film, Niketh Bommireddy.

And those who haven’t watched it yet, It’s one of the coolest Telugu films of the year, yo. Its officially streaming on Jio Cinemas for FREE.


Do let us know your thoughts about this film in the comments below. And tell us your favorite frame/scene in the movie.

Source for all screenshots: Jio Cinemas



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