This Easy Cooking App Made By 2 Telugites Is What Every Bachelor Needs In His Life


Satisfaction anedhi prati panilo untundo undado teledu kani, oka manchi food cook cheskuni tinna tarwata vache satisfaction ae veru. Kitchen loki empty mind tho vellinaa sare, chilly chicken biryani lanti recipes konchem atu itu inaa try chestuntam. Karanam….google and youtube. But manaki thelsina recipes chaala thakkuva especially intlo unna ingredients tho em cook cheskocho manaki idea ne undadhu. Also manam chese vantallo anni nutrition ki taggattu untaya ante, evaruu cheppaleru. Also, google or youtube lo food ki procedure matrame chupistundi kani, daniki enni calories untaayo, enni nutrients unnayo chupincharu.

Here’s a platform where you can search for recipes by adding your required ingredients, avoiding allergies, by estimating your calories & nutrition etc. WA2COOK (spells as What To Cook?) is a parametric search application that allows you to add your own filters and get the recipe you desired to cook.



Matter enti ante, eee WA2COOK ane App ni start chesindi mana telugabbayi. Okaru Sai Santhosh, inkokaru Karthikeyan. Iddaru IIT Bhubaneswar nundi graduate ayyaru. Andulo Santhosh ane athanu Cognizant Research Department lo 2.5 years work chesi, WA2DO ane startup medha present work chestunnaru.


Thought behind this App:

Santhosh is a big foodie who loves spicy food.. Ekkuva biryanilu, fast foods tinadam vallana he gained too much weight of over 120 kgs. Athani strong dedication valla he reduced over 30 kgs within a short span. Weight reduce avthunnappudu, he thought of two points in his mind. Okati…weight reduction anedhi heavy workout medha depend avthundi., rendu…..weight reduce avthunnappudu body ki workout tho patu, nutritious food avasaram.


When he thought of making healthy recipes, he couldn’t discover many nutritious recipes. Manam thine food lo atleast 1 or 2 nutritious ingredients vaadina chaala healthy lifestyle paatinchachu. For example, Soya is a wonderful source of protein. But ekkada kuda high-protein recipes like soya upma gurinchi discover cheyadaniki scope ledhu. Soya okkate kadu, there are many protein rich ingredients we can add to our food. Since any food is a combination of ingredients he thought why don’t we make a feasible application to search by ingredients or nutrition value.

Specialities of this App:

Google or youtube lo recipes chese vidhanam undi kani, protein rich ga, mana diet ki synchronised ga ekkada undadu. Okavela veetilo search cheyaalanna chaala time and efforts pettali.

Andhuke memu user friendly ga undetattu nutrition value, carbohydrates, protein, fat, cuisine, time to prepare lanti filters petti ee app ni tayaruchesam antunnaaru Santhosh.


Ilaa parametric search ( search of recipes using parameters ) pettadam valla users can get their required recipe within no time. Anthe kadhu, ee app lo meru 25,000 different kinds of dishes dhaaka chudachu.


Visual recipe cards format lo veellu popular Chefs and food blogs ni annintini ee app loki teesukuvacharu. So Vahrehvah (Sanjay Thumma) , Hebbar’s Kitchen recipes nundi other food blogs varaku anni okae place lo manaki kanipistayi. Anthe kadhu oka recipe open chesaka dhani method and ingredients ni app ye chadivipedthundhi and readers ki oka uniform format lo chupisthundhi.

They took the nutrition information of ingredients from the World’s most authentic source for nutrition info – USDA (United States Department of Agriculture).


Also veellu prestigious MassChallenge Israel – Startup Accelerator ki select ayyaru. Idhi world lo top 5 accelerators lo okati. Deeni valla, their startup will be more capable of getting funds and expanding their base around different countries. India nundi select ayyina 7 startups lo WA2COOK kuda okati.



“WA2COOK” anedi maa startup – “WA2DO” lo first step matrame. We’re building a DeepTech AI based Search Engine on user needs, which includes day to day activities of user.” ani thana next target WA2DO gurinchi cheppaaru Santhosh.

So Kitchen lo manam cheskune istamaina foods lo konni vatilo Carbs ekkuva undachu, konni vatilo fat and oil ekkuva undachu. But ee app lo ae food lo enni carbs untayo, oil valla enni calories vasthundho, enni manaki avasaram avthaayo, inkenni filters(ingredients) manam add cheskovacho chupisthundhi. So cool kadha. Inkenduku late, download this app from the link here. Dear bachelors and spinsters ivalanundi ee app dwara meeru chef style lo healthy diet follow avvachu.

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