9 Things You Need To Know About The Fascinating Costumes From The World Of Baahubali!


The Indian magnificient epic film baahubali franchise has released its trailer for the second film. One of the most beautiful things about this epic is costumes!

As everyone knows costumes play a vital role in films, especially in “period film”. And the people behind our baahubali movie costumes are Rama Rajamouli and Prashanti tipirneni.

Prashanti tipirneni has previously worked as designer for films Vedam, Golconda High School and Size zero.


1. The work was divided between the two of these ladies to avoid confusion. Designing and styling for entire mahishmati kingdom was done by Rama Rajamouli and Kunthala Rajyam by Prashanti tipirneni.



2. The armours of Prabhas and rana were done in leather and then painted in metal to give that natural look and to avoid the discomfort for actors during these action sequences.



3. The armours were designed according to the characteristics of Baahubali and BhallaalaDeva which is why you will see Lion which represents strength and authority on Bhallaala Deva’s armour and Horse which is a symbol of loyalty, love and devotion on Baahubali’s costume.



4. The entire war sequence armours and costumes for everyone were designed by Rama rajamouli and art director Sabu Cyril.



5. They did not get enough time to design the jewellery as per planned. Prashanti got the beautiful jewellery of Devasena, avanthika and sivagami from Amrapaali- jaipur, suhanie pittie,and few of them were customized designed made in silver and then were gold coated.



6. The complete jewellery were mostly in gold and pearls mostly avoiding all the stone work since it’s a period film.



7. The crumpled saree of anushka in part-1 was a brand new cotton saree to which Rama Rajamouli and Prashanti Tipirneni did the rips and created that old look on sets.



8. As coming to the costumes of our beautiful young queen Devasena ,12 yards of sarees were specially weaved in bright and royal colors in beautiful motifs.



9. Finally, meet the amazing duo who created such royal looks which are a feast to our eyes.



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