Here’s How The Internet Helped C/o Kancharapalem To Be Eligible For National Awards


We all know what a gem of movie is C/o Kancharapalem. Choosina prathi Telugu vadu ‘Idhi ra telugu cinema ante 💪’ anukuntu oka proud feeling tho theatre baitaki ocharu. Aa katha, matalu, natana, patalu anni viparithamga akkatukunay. And the twist in climax though, everyone fell in love with it.
Mana telugu states lo release avvaka mundhe New York Indian film festival ki official ga ee movie select ayindhi. IMDB lo one of the best ratings 9.3/10 tho top lo undhi ante janalaki ye scale lo ee movie ekkesindho ardham avtundhi ❤


Venkatesh Maha direct chesina ee film ni Praveena Paruchuri garu produce chesaru. Release ki mundhu Rana Daggubati garu Co-producer ga mari Suresh Productions dwara large scale lo release chesaru. Critics, celebrities nunchi common man varku andhari nota okate mata: ‘Touch chesindhira movie’ ani. Huge positive talk, all good, everyone are so happy and proud😇


So last time Ghazi ki National award for best Telugu feature film ochindhi, isari C/o Kancharapalem midha high expectations unay.
Kani then came the sad news from Vijaya Praveena Paruchuri garu, the Producer and who also played the character of Saleema That the movie is not eligible to be recognized at the Indian National Film Awards because it was produced by a US citizen.


Ee matter telisaka andharu chala disappoint ayyaru, are manchi content una movie National awards ni miss aipothundhe ani badha paddaru 😞 But then came this tweet from Praveena Paruchuri garu which changed the entire scenario.


Within no time, KTR garu came as a savior🙏 He tweeted the same to Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore, Minister of Information and Broadcasting and Arun Jaitley, Minister of Corporate Affairs to review the matter!


Then Rathore garu stepped in and his officer has spoken with Praveena Paruchuri and informed that the co-producer of the movie Rana Daggubati can send the movie C/o kancharapalem to the National awards committee.


All the cast and crew are extremely happy now including every TFI fan!


All this happened in a span of 48 hours. We are blessed to have these kind of politicians who acts quickly and resolves the issues within no time. The power and beauty of social media💪
Hail Telugu Cinema, Love Telugu Cinema


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