10 Surprises That Made 2016 Extra Special For Telugu Movie Lovers!


Anukoni vishayalu sudden ga jarigithe manam dhanni surprise ani antaam. Konni surprise lu sweet ga untai, konni cute ga untai, konni ghaatu ga untaayi, marikonni naatu ga untai. Ee year lo kuda alaanti surprise lu manaki chaala ne unnai. Saradaga oka look eskondi mari


1. Extra special Pandaga! Year start avvadame maanchi high note meedha start ayyindi.



2. Once again a small film comes and creates a massive impact.



3. Asalu aa shot gurinchi entha cheppina thakkuve….!



4. Ee cinema rights ni Lakhs lo konukkunna producer crores lo profit sampaadinchukunnaru.



5. Indian movie legend Mohanlal Garu mudduga Telugu lo maatladi manalni meppinchadam.



6. Chaitu winning over haters like a BOSS.



7. Oka pakka commercial movie ki ila National award raavadam chaala rare. Proud moment for TFI!



8. Ok Leave It!



9. Twistla Mother’s Husband idhi!



10. Sudden ga vacchi one of the most loved songs of the year ga nilichindi.


You can check out the song here


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