10 Of The Best Tollywood On-Screen Relationships That We Can Identify With!

(Original article by Priyanka Dinavahi)

Few relationships between the characters that are shown in our Telugu movies live with us for a long time. Some of them make us feel connected as we can identify with those relationships and some make us wish we had those kind of relationships in our lives.
1. Mother – Son:

Chandu & Laxmi : Amma Nanna O Tamil Ammayi

There were a million we could choose from. But we chose the one that really stands out. It didn’t just portray the mother-son relationship. It sort of glorified it. Meet a mother who against all odds raised her son to be a champion. Meet the son who, being one step away from winning the championship, was willing to sacrifice it for his mother. The scene where Prakash Raj says “Lakshmi!! Nee pempakaniki naa pempakaniki chaala teda undi.” tells the whole story.

2. Father – Son:

Siddu & Aravind : Bommarillu

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This epic father-son duo defined a whole generation. A overly protective father who only cares about giving the best to his son. And a struggling son in his journey to make his own identity trying to escape from the shadow of his father. This is all what the story is about. The confrontation scene between them will be replayed for generations to come.

3. Vadina – Maridi:

Rajeshwari & Shri Ram : Aaha

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The most under-rated relationship of all, it is almost us talking about a Mother-Son relationship. And Jayasudha and Jagapathi Babu from Aaha just cement our statement. It was a true joy watching this ‘Vadina – Maridi’ on the screens.

4. Nayanamma – Manavadu:

Raja Ram & Sabari : Gangleader

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If there’s one relationship that is adored for all its fun and fights it sure has to be this one. Every fight has love written on it. Don’t just nod. Go watch Gang Leader movie and get ready for a nostalgic joy ride.

5. Brother – Sister:

Balu & Bujji : Tholi Prema


Labelled one of the greatest love flicks of all time, this cult flick also comes with the story of a Brother & Sister like never before. It was a treat to watch this duo pranking each other. And yet they were always there to support each other during hard times. It the sister who drives the other siblings love story. It is just like someone captured it from a real family and is just playing on the screen. It truly is wonderful.
6. Brothers:

Ram & Lucky : Race Gurram


race gurram

Do you know? The blood of siblings has a rare element. It always irks you to fight you with the siblings. But it makes the blood boil when somebody does the same. Don’t Agree. Watch Race Gurram.


7. Wife-Husband:

Appadasu & Buchchi Laxmi : Mithunam


Not many were blessed to witness this amazing couple and their beautiful journey. This couple assert the fact ‘YOU ARE NEVER TOO OLD TO LOVE’. Every new dawn to come seems to blossom a new love story. They complain, they fight, they apologize, but of all what matters ‘THEY ENJOYED THE JOY RIDE TOGETHER TILL THE VERY LAST DAY.’

8. Bava-Maradalu:

Uma & Soori : Uyyala Jampala

Uyyala Jampala Movie (1)

The best thing in this relationship is the Bava family supports the Maradal and vice versa. It has to be the only relationship that doesn’t get matured with age. And age flies off a new relationship starts as illustrated in Uyyala Jampala.

9. Sisters:

Kalyani & Swapna : Pelli Sandadi

pelli sandadi

The journey of two sisters is made of sacrifices. And they find pride in it too. And it has always been the same in the world of cinema too. We have many options ranging from Allari Priyudu to Chandralekha to just illustrate the point, but we choose one that really stands out. PELLI SANDADI.

10. Grandfather – Granddaughter:

Seetharamayya – Seetha : Seetharamayya Gari Manavaralu


This film shows how much love a granddaughter loves and respects her granddad, who hates her father for leaving him. The way she breaks the fact that her parents are no more to him, and they way the bond during this process is too touching to put in words.

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