Guntur Doctors Perform Crucial Brain Surgery While Keeping A Patient Awake All Thanks To Baahubali 2!


The field of medicine is always a tricky one. During operations, some surgeries need the patient to be conscious while sometimes the patients are given Anaesthesia to induce loss of sensation. Recently ‘Baahubali 2‘ has helped keep a woman alive during her brain surgery. Doctors claimed that the epic fantasy drama has greatly helped them during the surgery in retaining the woman’s consciousness.


This operation was performed by the doctors of Tulsi Multi-Speciality hospital in Guntur. As this movie was played during the surgery they are referring to it as ‘Bahubali Brain Surgery’. The patient, Vinaya Kumari is forty three year old and works as a nurse. She was suffering from fits and was later detected with brain tumour. On September 21st, she was operated for this where the whole process took around four hours to finish. As it was important for the patient to remain conscious through the entire procedure, the doctors decided to come up with a unique idea and played Baahubali movie on the laptop to keep her awake. Soon, Vinaya was ‘into the movie’ while her operation was going on. She was even humming to the songs during the procedure, docs say.


Doctors later credited this movie for the success of the operation. This movie not only helped her stay awake but also managed to engage her and not panic through the process. After being discharged from the hospital, Vinaya Kumari said that she wished she could watch the entire film, as the surgery only lasted for one and a half hour. This specific incident shows the next level of impact that Baahubali has created and also proves the point of how gripping the movie was!


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