A Short Note That Raises Awareness About Autism & How To Deal With People Suffering With It


Preminchina ammayi ki love express cheyalani unna cheyaleni situation, Office lo Boss tidutunna kaani mana kopanni express cheyaleka lopala pade torture, ilaa manakunna feeling ni express cheyaleka pade badha ni andaram experience chesey untaam.


Manam okati rendu feelings ni express cheyaleka poyesarike entho pressure feel avthunte.., assalu feelings ne express cheyaleni vaalla badha, torture, situation elauntundi. Alanti disorder ni face cheyadame AUTISM.


Autistic Persons di oka separate prapancham. Ontari ga untaaru assalu kalavaru. Vaallaki tama feelings ni ela express cheyalo telidu vaala pressure ni gattiga arichi bayatapettukovadaniki ekkuva prefer chesthaaru. Debba tagilina express cheyadam raadhu. They will enjoy Music but ekkuva sounds ni tolerate cheyleru. But they are focussed and highly genius. Okka maatalo cheppalante Autistic persons oka scattered puzzle pieces laantivaallu. We have to set their pattern.


It is not only responsibility of Parents to take care of their autistic child. It is responsibility of us also. Vaallatho manaku maname interact avvatam vaallani mana pillalatho or manatho paatu aadukovadaaniki pilavadam, functions ki invite cheyadam vaalatho normal ga undatam, Theaters or parties lo vaallani disturbances ga feel avvakunda undatam. These are very small but important things we have to follow. Government kuda konni steps teeskuntondi. But inkonchem vast ga teeskovalsina avasaram undi. Here is a government website for Autism. There are many family stories in it you have to read.


Big Bazaar is practising “Quiet Hour” a very special shopping experience for autistic kids. The store was made as quiet as possible, without any loud announcements, sound-making trolleys, to ensure a perfect environment for these shoppers.

April 2 is world Autism Awareness Day and April is the Month of Autism Awareness. So Prapanchamanthata chaala chotla Blue lights tho ee awareness ni spread chestunnaru. Mumbai lo Gateway of India will be in blue lights on this night.


1988 lo Tom Cruse one of the leads ga RAIN MAN ane movie vachindi. Which is the story of Autistic Person. One of the Gems of Hollywood which is a must watch. Dustin Hoffman lived as an autistic person. Sharooq Khan’s My Name is Khan is based on Person suffered from Aspergers which is part of autism spectrum disorder (ASD).


Mana pressures ni bayatapettukovadaaniki, manakenno avocations unnayi. Kaani autistic persons ki maatram okate.., one companion who understands them and be friend with them. Autistic Persons are pure and genuine souls, If you are able to become friends with them..trust me you are the best….


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