8 Times When Our Actors Reflected Their Personal Lives Through Dialogues!


We, people from telugu states love movies and are very much fond of our actors…..mana actors personal life tho relate ayye laga chala songs valla movies lo rasaru….apart from the songs,there are times when they related their personal life in the dialogues….check them out…


1) Aaa mobile shop dagara, when tamanna asks who is Surya’s favourite heroine”anushka or trisha??” and surya replies her saying”manaki eppudu jyo(jyothika) e andi” Cute right!!!

RR 1


2) Remember the dialogue that CHAY says to ANR “Mee babu maaku babu ae ” makes sense in movie and reality too….

RR 2


3) How can we forget this!!!when bunny says “OKATI AADAPILLA ANUKOVE, KONCHEM COLOR UNTADI” ……
Fortunately,this happened to bunny in real life too

RR 3


4) When CHAY said “Ee love letter lu ichukovadalu, ivanni Shiva cinema tho ne aipoyay!! Ippudu vadi koduku kuda hero ayyadu” which refers to himself….

RR 4


5) “Naa love story Andhra Telangana motham famous aipoyyindi” That’s so true at that point …..

RR 5


6) Dont know how many of you observed this….After seeing nitya(sam) performing on stage ,varun(nani) says “nitya YALAVARTHY ra….naa nitya YALAVARTHY ra”
In reality, nani’s wife Anjana’s maiden name is YALAVARTHY

RR 6


7) End of bangaru kodi petta song,when CHIRANJEEVI dances and leaves…..ramcharan dances his feet off and chiru himself gets impressed and says” vaari na bacha”…

RR 7


8) “Naa wife peru “S” to start avthundi anta” …I am sure most of us remember this dialogue… Do i really have to explain about this,….

RR 8


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