8 Things you don’t say to a Pawan Kalyan Fan!

1. He is no Greek God

Who cares? He is the God himself!


2. He isn’t a great actor

This scene tells the whole story.

3. Can your hero even shake a leg?

Memu trend follow avvam. Trend set chestam.


4. You had no hit for 10 years.

But we all know what happened after the 10th year!

nobel prize

5. There is no Pawan Kalyan without Chiranjeevi.

Seriously? Thank you for your Nobel Prize-winning discovery!

Chiru Pawan

6. He has been married thrice.

Ever heard of the term ‘Private Life’?



7. There’s no story in a Pawan Kalyan movie.

Who needs the story, when we have GOD on the screen!


8. Can’t he do one job. Actor. Director. Singer. Choreographer?

We’ve got too much talent to hide, man!


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