22 Things You Must Do In Life Before You Turn 22 Years Old!


Welcome all. I, a soon to be 22 year old, think that 22 years is the most crucial age in any person’s life. Because, appude correct ga engineering (or any other degree) complete ayyi, either edhoka software companies (or any other companies) lo job chesthu..or job kosam search chesthu untaru. And that my friend, is not life, there is more. Have a look at this list of a few essential things you should do before you turn 22.. If your a guy/girl who is elder than 22, you are more than welcome to use this as a checklist and see how many of these you have already done.


1. Find a great hobby.


2. Read at least 5 Books.


3. Explore great food, Try food items that you can’t even pronounce.


4. Cook for yourself.


5. Taste the traditional foods of all 29 states of India.


6. Start earning money by yourself, be independent.


7. Go for a Solo trip.


8. Learn a new language.


9. Take your family out for a surprise dinner.


10. Watch at least 100 out of IMDb Top 250 movies.


11. Pack all your old, unused clothes & donate them to charity.


12. And buy yourself some new clothes that you always wanted to buy.


13. Help a totally unknown stranger, because it feels good.


14. Adopt a stray dog or cat.


15. Visit a village (if you’ve never visited before). Find your roots, go back to where you were born (if you have visited before).


16. Vote & be a responsible citizen.


17. Attend a memorable music concert of an artist that you absolutely love.


18. Get adrenaline rush. (Scuba Dive, Bungee Jump, Sky Dive..)


19. Learn to give great public speeches.


20. Have at least 2 ‘best’ friends in life, with whom you can do or talk any stupid shit.


21. Learn the art of ‘Talking to opposite gender like a boss’.


22. Change your career path, if your current job doesn’t excite you.


Tell us in the comments below, how many of these things you have already done.


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