Meet The People Who Grew 12 Inch Hair & Donated It To The Cancer Patients


Contributed by Sahrudai Punnamaraju

Have you ever heard of donating hair can help one person smile? Yes, it’s true.
We all know that cancer is the most dreadful disease out there. We also know that Cancer and hair fall are made for each other. Some people may have intention to help cancer patients but all might not be doctors. So, the best thing you can do is to donate your hair. These people from Hyderabad had did it. They grew their hair 12inches long, not for Fashion, not for styling, but for a cause, for the smiles.
They donated their hair for the cancer patients through the NGO called Hair for Hope and made a bald statement. Let’s see What’s their motto and experience of this helping process in their words.



Sai Raja:

When I was in last year of my engineering, I went to one of the prestigious excursions called Jagriti Yatra. There I met a person with afro hairstyle. When I asked him about his hairstyle, he told me that he is growing his hair to donate to cancer patients. I felt something strange about this process. And also, I heard about this process in a summit of my university from our guest speaker. Meeting these persons lead me to think about this and I started reading and knowing about Chemotherapy. I started growing my hair from Jan 2017, after reaching the 12 inch mark, I donated it. This donation gave me extreme pleasure.



Cancer is one of the things in the world that leaves a negative impact directly on one’s soul even after it leaves. I personally feel it not only affects the patient suffering but also the family. My mother and cousin suffer from cancer. I still remember how weak they became during their chemotherapy and after. When my mother started to lose hair due to her treatment, I remember her covering over with a scarf. She believed we as a family would understand what she had gone through but the society? NO. She wouldn’t step out of the house because she was embarrassed. That’s when I decided I should do something for her given a chance. But upon learning about the hair donation event for making wigs for the cancer patients, I realised that this was chance to do something for my mother and all the cancer survivors out there. I felt really motivated by my own intuition because Hair is an asset which gives confidence to a person specially a woman and I know how a person feels when she/he loses hair. On par with my decision of doing my part, I have been growing my hair for two years, have donated it a few days ago and I feel great that I am actually giving a type of confidence to person who has survived through a journey like my mom. This was the first time I donated my hair but definitely would not be the last time. I have decided to continue doing it every year. i am super grateful to my friends in supporting and encouraging my decision along with being one of the hair donators.



One of the most important things that a person needs in their life is hope. Faith and belief in better things will help a person to view aspects of life from a brighter side. Cancer is one such disease which can be defeated not only with the help of medicines but with rays of faith and hope. Many people have evolved stronger after defeating this deadly disease. To keep their spirit higher, I think other people should break their shells of inhibition, come out of their comfort zones and feel proud to donate their hair. Though it is a known fact that patients suffering from cancer lose a lot of hair during the treatment, I always thought that there is not
much I could do about it rather than praying for their recovery, until a friend of mine, Sai Raja, came out with such a great initiative of donating his hair for them. Inspired by him, I have decided to donate my hair and did so, now I feel really proud about it. Indeed, it feels very satisfying when people start the conversation about why I cut my hair and end it with applauding me for what I have done. I wish more people are aware of this and donate their hair, being flag bearers of faith and hope!


Raghu Nandan:

For two years I grew my hair. It not only made me look cool, but also became an integral part of my identity. For me, it was the desire to do something good. I hadn’t set foot in a salon for 2 years. My shoulder length hair had become part of my identity. But when I came to know about the drive, I knew it was time to be something more than cool – to be helpful. I got 12 inches of my beloved locks snipped off with no regrets. Nothing can compare happiness that the wig will go to those fighting cancer. The last time I’ve just donated my hair. This time, In addition to hair
donation, I’m Glad that I’ve inspired some youth for this good cause of helping cancer patients. (He is the coordinator of Hyderabad branch of Hair For Hope)



I am a girl who doesn’t believe in long hair and always wanted to keep my hair short.2 years back I wanted to try a new hairstyle as I was bored with my short hair, so I started growing my hair. Then my friend Sravani presented about Protect your mom Asia. She shared few stories of people who donated their hair and shared that she is going to donate her hair with our senior Sai Raja. I felt moved. Though i cut my hair short most of the times, it’s been part of my I taught of growing my hair long and chop 12 inches of it to make a wig that is given for the cancer patients which can make them feel better and confident. I’ve seen many people suffering with cancer, but I couldn’t contribute anything accept my words to make them feel better. But now I feel happy and proud that I contributed something from what I can.



Every person on the earth wants to look beautiful. But people who are diagnosed with cancer suffers a lot of hair fall due to Chemotherapy. Greatest help we could offer to them is giving them moral support. my father passed way due to cancer. He was in advanced stage of cancer, where Chemotherapy is of no use, but his strong will helped him to live longer. I wanted to help someone in the same way by inculcating strong moral in them. Cancer is not something that cannot be battled out but should be battled out.


I realized the pleasure in helping when I donated my hair to the patient suffering from cancer. The pain of suffering is very extreme. The pain we get from small injuries is even unbearable. Some physical injuries lead to mental suffering, which again leads to detain of physical health. Cancer is one of them. I learnt that I can also help those patient suffering from cancer through Raghu Nandan and Sai Raja. I also decided to help and donated my 13 inches of hair to the cancer patients.
I hope that every cancer patient should be courageous in fighting cancer.
To engage more people in this program, they chose social media for promotion. They did lot of awareness programs on Facebook, Instagram, twitter. They also inspired youth with their interesting articles and by explaining the joy of helping and donating.
If you wish to contribute/donate your hair you can google several NGO’s like Hair For Hope, Donate in kind, Hair for Happiness etc.. and be part of this great program.


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