This 12-Year Old Telugu Wonder Kid Has Beaten Albert Einstein And Stephen Hawking In IQ Test!


A gifted child born to Telugu parents in the United Kingdom proved that he is smarter than Stephen Hawking and Albert Einstein. Yashwanth Bandi, the 12-year old boy, has achieved an IQ score of 162, the highest possible figure in any IQ test and got inducted into the British Mensa IQ Society as a member after his astonishing score.

Mensa is the largest and the oldest high IQ society in the world. It is open to people who score 98 percentile or higher on a standardised, supervised IQ or other approved intelligence test. He’s the son of an ex-IITian hailing from Kolakalur near Tenali in Guntur district. They expressed their happiness and said that he’s always been a bright child and spent a lot of time reading books on fiction and technology.

The school boy scored in the top two per cent in the Cattel IIIB test and now has the opportunity to join hundreds of other high-achieving youngsters at Mensa. As well as being academically blessed, Yashwanth is also particularly skilful at solving puzzles and is hoping to take part in a worldwide cubing tournament in Mumbai next year. He is excellent with Rubix cube and is fluent in German, French and Spanish and now is learning Latina and Russian. He’s also good at sports and is good at cricket. This wonder kid also holds a black belt in karate. Yashwanth wants to be an entrepreneur and do something in the field of science given his interest in Chemistry and Physics.


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