Sullurpeta Is All Set To Witness India’s Biggest Theater With Saaho & Here Are Details


Nellore district lo Sullurupeta ani oka town undi. Tirupati nundi oka 2 hours time padutundi ee town ki vellali ante, ISRO unna Sriharikota nundi 30 min journey Sullurpeta ki. ISRO lo panichese employees ki oka recreation center ante Sullurpeta ane cheppali. Technology hub, Sri city ki chaala daggara. Alaanti ee town lo India’s Largest screen unna multiplex ni ee roju Ramcharan Launch chesaaru. Ee multiplex ni UV creations valla VCelluloids, Qube tho collaborate ayyi build chesaaru. The Name of this Multiplex is V Epiq.


Largest screen Theater V Epiq Multiplex infrastructure details loki vasthe,
– Screen Size 100ft height and 54ft width untundi
– Indian and South Asia lo largest screen
– Whole world lo third largest screen idi.
– 676 members oke sari cinema chusentha capacity ee theater ki undi.
– With SLS soundsystem and laser projection.
Ee multiplex lo ee large theater tho paatu inko 2 screens unnayi with 140 seating capacities, indulo oka screen lo there will be woofers under seat with 3D sound system.., Here is the video which will give you more info about V Epiq.


About VCelluloids:
Chinna chinna towns lo manchi cinematic experience ni create chese Movie theater chains lo VCelluloids kuda okati. VCelluloids have theaters in places like Chittoor, Adoni, Bapatla etc.., Snacks vaalle prepare chesthaaru kabatti snacks cost konchem minimal ga untundi, with hygenic atmosphere.

V Epiq Multiplex


Launch of V Epiq
Alaanti oka prominent Theater chain VCelluloids vaalla dream project V Epiq Multiplex ippudu Sullurupeta lo undhi. Ee roju Ramcharan launch chesaaru. Saaho trailer, Syeraa trailer and Bahubali Climax project chesaaranta… on this occassion Saaho director said ‘I’m so happy and proud that my film is going to be the first one screened here. Not only this, I’m also surely coming here to watch #SyeRaa when it releases. I wish to see Megastar on this big screen’

V Epiq Sullurpeta


Theater near to tirupati


Indias Largest Theater in Andhra Pradesh


Infrastructure of V Epiq:

Largest Multiplex of south asia


Largest multiplex 2019 in india


Prabhas V Epiq


Adhannamata India’s Largest V Epiq Multiplex Screen details, Prabhas Saaho first movie ga ee theater lo screen avthondi. Sullurpeta daggarlo unnavaallu tickets try cheseyandi mari. Meelo evarikaina Sullurpet lo telisinavaallu evaraina unte inkenduku late ask them sponsor to you for saaho..


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