Meet Tejaswini, A Wonder Woman Who Is A Doctor, Dancer, NCC Cadet, Model, & A Yoga Teacher!


Everything in this world has a certain boundary, except for talent. Most successful people we see in our daily lives are successful only in one specific field. But this person we are talking about is really special. Dr. Tejaswini Manogna is a doctor, dancer, yoga teacher, NCC cadet, social server, beauty contest participant. She literally reached heights in all the fields she has chosen.




Classical Dancer:

Tejaswi’s parents have always been super supportive towards her. It’s like you can see a reflection of their thoughts in her. Her father Madhan Mohan is a bank employee, and her mother Anitha is a software employee. They thought she should have a parallel grip on both modern time education and know her cultural traditional values as well. So they taught her Bharathanatyam and Sangeetham. And Since she is a pro at music and singing, she did more 2000 public shows and raised funds and donated them to charities for social causes.



Journey As A Yoga Trainer:

Even though she was trying so many new things in her life. She never gave up her studies. When she passed out 10th standard with 93% she started learning yoga. And now she teaching to so many of her juniors. She has even trained some police battalion men of Yousufguda, and Kodapur about how to stay mentally strong in tough situations.


NCC Cadet:

She never considered NCC training as a burden upon her. She took as personal, a new challenge in her life and enjoyed every bit of bit. It all started when she was in her 8th standard. And now, she is not only a certified NCC cadet. But has also been elected as”All India Best Cadet” and awarded by the Prime Minister at that time Manmohan Singh.



Although she is a jack of all trades, Her ultimate life aim is to serve people. Help them in all possible ways, as a good doctor who saves people’s lives, as a dance performer who performs and collects the funds and donates them charities. She even wants to make our country proud by taking part in beauty pageants. Currently, she is pursuing her post-graduation in medicine, and wants to prepare for civil services and finally serve people in all possible ways.



Manogna Tejaswi is an inspiration to all the youth who are in their 20’s and figuring out what to do in their lives, because, she is doing all the possible things that she thinks she can.








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