10 Things Indian Die Hard Cricket Fans Need To Know About Our Football Team!


Before I tell you anything about our football team, I have to tell you that, I have never watched a Football match. And now I feel terribly bad about it. In a viral video, Sunil Chhetri, our football captain released yesterday, he expressed his heart out, which made me think and analyze why are we so ignorant about sports that are not cricket in our country. So here are a few things that every Indian (cricket fan) must know.


1. Our Football team is not something new that was formed recently, it’s one of the oldest teams in the world, founded in the year 1937.


2. The decade 1950 to 1960 was considered as Golden Era for Indian Football. We won gold medals in 1951 and 1962 Asian games.


3. Durand Cup, the oldest existing football competion outside Britian takes place in India, inagurated in 1888. It remains the fourth oldest footballs across the globe.


4. Our team’s bare feet bravery at 1948 Olympics earned them a royal fan in princess Margaret.


5. Our very own captain, Sunil Chetri is ranked at 3rd place in the list of ‘World’s Highest International Active Goal Scorers’, that leaves him just behind Ronaldo and Messi.


Kaani mana team ki ee acheivements anni eppatnuncho unnai, problem wasn’t in them, it was in us (the audience). And the name of the problem is ‘Ignorance’. We have been so careless and ignorant about our own country’s players. And you know what’s worse? There are people around us wearing Arsenal and Barcelona FC T-shirts and fight with people by saying stuff like, ‘Broo.. Cricket is nothing, start watching Football bro’. They are the same people(not all, but a few), who’ve never watched an Indian football live in a stadium or on TV.

So, boys and girls, it’s high time, we all start watching and treating all the sports and the respective players equally. Today it is Football because of Sunil Chhetri’s viral video. But there are so many other Indian gems, that need our support and love. Our Indian female cricket team, our Hockey team, our Kabaddi team.

Now we guess, you have understood what to do. Cheer for our team in whichever way possible, go fill the damn stadiums, Turn on your TVs and streaming devices, make slogans and shout them out. We’ll give a few exciting things that’ll make you watch the match.

1. Sunil Chhetri, our captain is making his 100th appearance today, let’s cheer for him, and let him know that we are all watching him and show him our love. Ikkada aristhe, Mumbai lo vinapadali.


2. For people who want to watch them live at any cost, there are a few celebs who have bought off ‘Stands’ in the stadium and invited common people. JUST GO FOR IT.


3. Talk About it, watch a match, start discussions, ask questions, make memes and what not. Basically, involve yourself into the sport (just like how you did it with IPL).


4. Celebrity videos make a huge impact, we know how much people follow stars nowadays. If a celebrity is making a video in support of a game (not just Football, any game). A lot of fans will start watching just because of the curiosity.


5. If you are wondering, ‘Really ? Celebrity videos and viral videos make that much of an impact ?’ after Chhetri’s video, Virat, Sachin, KTR and a few other famous people also made a video in support and favor to the team. Guess what happened, in less than 24 hours, the entire Mumbai Football Arena stadium got sold out. Thaluchukunte impact ila untadhi.


So, from our side we have something for you to cheer, A common DP (HD link) and a Hashtag #100ForChhetri


Where & When to watch the match:

You can watch the India Vs Kenya match live on Star Sports Live, Star Sports HD or you can stream it on Hotstar at 8 PM tonight sharp tonight. Idhi kaaka, India is also playing on 7th of this month at the same stadium against New Zealand, and tickets are available.



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