This Hyd Group Deserves All The Respect For Providing Drinking Water To Stray Animals


Water is one of the most important things for all the living beings on this planet. All life is dependent upon water. Humans cannot live without drinking water for more than a week. But do you know that many animals suffer from various health issues and die due to unavailability of safe drinking water?

A community called Animals Water Bowl Project (AWBP) came up with an initiative to provide safe drinking water to stray animals and spread awareness about animal welfare. Their intention is to install water bowls in places where no one had ever thought of putting one befor. They even provide water bowls to the humans who are interested in supporting animals by keeping safe drinking water at their places round the clock (all the days thru out year). “This world will be more balanced, if every human on this planet lives in simple lifestyle and also love and support all the animals equally”, says Lakshman Molleti, founder of AWBP.

Recently, a group of software engineers were seen busy painting clay pots of various sizes by a road at Kondapur, much to the amusement of passersby. As soon as they finished painting them, they picked up the coloured pots and went around the locality and distributed them for free. Why? To provide clean water to stray animals in the neighbourhood.

Since April, AWBP India has so far distributed 300 bowls in Hyderabad and around 100 bowls in Chandigarh. These volunteers believe taking care of strays living around us is our social responsibility. During summer, many organisations come forward and donate bowls, but during other seasons, it is not the same. To some extent, during this period, stray animals have no option other than to drink from stagnant water sources and drains – which results in strays suffering from health problems like dehydration, skin infections, and viral infections.

The group also conducts various other awareness programmes. It recently distributed some bowls to the students of a primary school in Begumpet, to inculcate the sense of social responsibility in them. They say, if volunteers from different states express willingness to take up the initiative in their localities, we are ready to arrange bowls for them free of cost.

In an effort to reach out to more like-minded people across the country, the team is developing a mobile application as well. The group is also open for volunteers who are interested in joining them. You can be a part of the great cause by filling a CONTACT FORM. Salute to all the volunteers!


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