Real Life Society Issues ‘Bharat Ane Nenu’ Has Addressed In A Sensible Way


Bharat Ane Nenu euphoria took all over the internet. So we think it is a good time to talk about some of the important things the film has addressed and shed some light on.


1. Traffic

Although ‘BAN’ is just a movie. And things shown in a movie are not possible to practically implement in real life. The rules can be made a little stricter. We see people cutting through traffic signals on a daily basis. We should be able to do something about that. You never know what a mistake is gonna cost you tomorrow.

For example, Hyderabad is under Top 10 worst traffic cities in India. Although we can’t really blame only the government for this, because, the more the population, the worse the traffic situation will be, of course.

But on the positive side, according to a TOI survey, Hyderabad has seen a 50% drop in fatal accidents in 2017. In fact number of fatal accidents in 2017 is the least in the past five years.


2. Education – Privatization

To simply sum up our Education system, just think how many students join in Public (Govt) intermediate colleges after 10th class ? Very, very few. Why ?

Because the quality of education. And is it (the quality) any better at private colleges ? Is it worth all the money that we are spending ? Ask yourself.

Fact: Normally in North India, 90% of students continue doing their +1 & +2 (11th and 12th standard) in the same school where they have studied their 10th standard (which is ‘Kendriya Vidyalaya’ in most of the cases). But the situation in Telugu states is entirely different. Education after 10th standard has literally become a business.


3. Reality Inside Assembly.

Do you know why ‘Bad words’ are referred to ‘Unparliamentary words’ ? Because, Assembly is a place where the politicians are supposed to behave in a matured way, and ‘speak sense’. In fact they have the power to implement effective rules that can make people’s lifestyle better. But instead

Please watch this below video to see how people in assembly laugh in the middle when a person is speaking and how people speak over each other.


4. How easy it is for some Politicians to get away with illegal land seizes/ forced occupation and crimes.

Obviously we can’t take names here. But we see a lot of politicians names on TV that they have some illegal lands in their name, and that they have looted farmers lands. In the most positive scenario, we see an exclusive TV coverage for an hour or so, but it ain’t gonna effect anything. Everything will be back to normal after a day or two. And people will eventually forget that a thing like this has happened.


5. Rural (Village) Development

Although villages have very less population as compared to metropolitan cities. We see less development in villages, its almost stagnant in states like Bihar and Jharkhand. There are so many things that need to be developed in villages. Like, better Education, better roads, Independent deserving leaders, better incentive for farmers.


6. How ‘honest journalists’ lives are in threat.

Remember “Gauri Lankesh”, a Indian journalist and activist who was stabbed to death last year ? And how ‘powerful voices’ are silenced and yet are not able to do anything ? The accused murderer Naveen Kumar, who stabbed Gauri Lankesh is still refusing the police to undergo the Narco test.


7. Media Ethics

The most important and vital issue addressed in the movie. What’s more special is that, it is addressed in the very perfect time where the Telugu News media is in a completely wrong state, where they are unable to recognize what’s real news and what’s not. They really need to get their priorities right.

Over the past few weeks, we (the audience) have missed so many actual, important news while watching some random news on TV. And over the time the concept of how news is supposed to be delivered has changed completely.

We hope people start taking these things seriously and we see a significant change in the society.

Change begins with you.


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