Praveena Paruchuri’s Story: How A Cardiologist From USA Produced C/o Kancharapalem


Telugu cinema has been seeing a new wave of change. Unconventional stories are being told so easily by new-age filmmakers. All thanks to the producers who are believing in good cinema.

One such producer we’re talking about today is Vijaya Praveena Paruchuri, the producer of the big-small film of the year, C/o Kancharapalem.

Who is Praveena Paruchuri & What does she do?

She is a Telugu NRI, born and brought up in USA. She studied medicine and is specialised Cardiologist based in New York. She manages both clinical and teaching responsibilities.

How Telugu is she:

Both her parents are Telugu. Ever since she was a child, her family used to drive 45 minutes to get VCRs of Telugu movies and watch them every weekend.

She was always passionate towards films, in fact she had joined a film school at a very young age and made half-hearted attempts. Because she had to balance her career too.

To be on the safer side and have a decent career, she focussed on her academics as she was a bright student.

10 years passed by as a cardiologist, she suddenly had a Panic attack thinking ‘I would die without making a film

First step to Hyderabad:

So then she started meeting and talking to a few film industry people in Hyderabad looking for an opportunity to learn. And flew down to Hyderabad. This is where she met Aparna Malladi, the person because of whom Praveena met Venkatesh Maha, the director of C/o kancharpalem.

How C/o Kancharapalem happened ?

As soon as Venkatesh Maha showed a pitch video of C/o kancharapalem to her. She was bowled. She said, this film is made for film festivals. And that was the moment she decided to produce the film.

On her acting debut & role of Saleema:

Actually, she was only supposed to produce the film. But when the team was searching for suitable actress for Saleema’s role, they couldn’t find anyone apt

Praveena says, ‘I jumped in because of financial incentive to make sure the movie was completely cast and be done with. Maha used to teach me acting via Skype.

And to shoot the scenes of Saleema the team only had 10 days because she’s a Cardiologist, and she was in India on a winter break.

In fact, what we see in the movie is not even her real accent. This is her natural accent:


When did Suresh Productions step in?

When the movie was initially made they didn’t see it coming that it’d be such a huge release. All they knew was this is an independent cinema that’ll be screened at film festivals. But almost a year and half later Suresh Productions stepped in, as the ‘presenters’ of the film and the rest is history.

A few golden words by her:

‘We hear about Tamil, Hindi, Malayalam films showcased in film festivals across the world. Why not a Telugu film?’

‘We need more stories about our land, neighbourhoods, and people. There’s more to Telugu stories than those emerging people living in Hyderabad or Vizag.’ She said.

C/o kancharapalem has also won first ever Critics Choice, Best Telugu Film Award.


We are absolutely stunned by her talent and dedication. We salute this Multi-talented lady for bringing us this gem of a film to Telugu audience. And wish to see more of her work in future.

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