20 Roles Of Nassar That Prove Him As One Of The Finest Actors Of Our Times


Nassar, One of the fine artist of Indian Film Industry. Almost all languages lo he has played some good roles. Villain ga bayapettaru, comedian ga navvicharu, Police ga thana power chupincharu and Father ga sentiment kuda chupincharu. Character edainna he made his mark. Not just this, he also worked as director, dubbing artist, playback singer. Earlier he worked for Indian Air Force. With three decades and 500 plus movies experience, Nassar designed one year acting course for Mindscreen Film Institute, Chennai. He is always passionate about teaching, when he gets free time, he use to conduct acting workshops for the young actors. Celebrating the versatile actors birthday we present you some of the finest characters he played.

Mahesh – Nassar Combo – Almost anni Mahesh movies lo Nassar played a good character. That shows the bond between these two actors.

Pokiri – Father


Athadu – Grandfather


1-Nenokkadine – Businessman


Dhookudu – Murthy


Businessman – Ajay Bharadwaj


The Evergreen Father – Father role lo unde kopam, sentiment, proudness, caring – mana Father kuda ila unte bagundu ani anipinchela manasuku hathukunela chesaru. Ante kadhu Bijjaladeva ga cunning father la kuda he gave a awestruck performance.

Khushi – Siddhu’s Father


Mr.Perfect – Vicky’s Father


Konchem Istam Konchem Kastam – Subramanyam


Adhurs – Major


Baahubali- Bijjaladeva


Jeans – Nachiappan and Pechiappan Rajamani.


Perfect Police – Police roles lo kuda thana acting tho oka power teeskocharu.

Mee Sreyobhilashi – ACP


Roja – Colonel Rayappa


Nayakudu – Asst commissioner


Criminal – SP teja


Versatile Artist – Needless to say, Charecter edaina sare he gave life to it. Comedy nundi, villanism varaku, emotion nundi entertainment varaku he showed us all the variations. That makes him a versatile artist.

Guru- Punch Ponds


Rajanna – Music Teacher


Sri Ramadasu – Tanisha


Baadshah – Dr. Pilli Jaya Krishna Simha




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