These 8 Reasons Prove That M.S Narayana Has Never Left Us!


M.S Narayana has never left us. He never will. In fact, he cannot even if he wants to. He was never just an actor on the screen. He was our house owner, our principal, our lecturer friend, and many more… The best part, he still lives in them. Take a look around and you find him in many around you.


1) You can see him in those strict house owners exchanging trouble with the bachelor tenants.



2) You see him in that Principal hanging around in the corridors with a peon.



3) You can see him in those drunk dudes whose logics are very difficult to argue with.



4) You can see him in that Star who does only what he can.>



5) You can see him in your friends parodying their favourite stars.



6) You can see him in that guy attempting a photo-shoot with a friend handling the camera.



7) You can see him in the overly curious stranger you meet often.



And lastly… 


8) You can see him in your Teacher who teaches you ethics when you forget them. 



All these amazing people will make sure the great M.S Narayana lives on forever.


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