People Are Predicting Maharshi Story From Just 1 Poster & Its ROFL


They are many people awaiting for Maharshi. Release avtunna prati poster konchem konchem excitiment ni penchutondi. Eeroju Main lead Mahesh Babu, Allari Naresh, Pooja Hegde unna poster release chesaaru which is Just cool! and they are some people who are showing their excitement by predicting story in comments. okko comment okko angle lo undi. Story ila kuda untundaa ani shocking ga undhi. Here are few of them. Read and Enjoy..


1. Chinnappudu chadivina Telugu sandhulu samasaalu gurtochina vela


2. Is this Boya’s Film?


3. Guessing ey intha wild ga undhenti!


4. Sakutumba Sapari vaara Sanchalana Chitram!


5. Paavam


6. Srimanthudu – 2


7. Special Appeareance By “Dabbulu Urike Raavu” Uncle


8. What if Maharshi is directed by RGV


Addede Enna Twist Thalaiva


RGV asked Srikanth Addala to Direct Climax


9. Mugguru Mitrulu


10. Every detail counts


11. March & April Duets paadukuni, May lo release chestunnarannamata


12. Naresh Character, Either Villan or Chanipovali.. inko option ledu.


13. Emosanal Climax On The Way


EE viplavaanni inthatitho aapakandi meelo unna writer bayataku tendi.. comments tho kummeyandi.


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