A Life Without Chinese Products :A Detailed Analysis About Our Present & Future


Contributed by Satya Srinivas J

Living without Chinese
– A life without Chinese products

Live and let live. This should be the policy for a peaceful co-existence. But when anyone of the neighbors don’t believe in this policy, that’s when disturbances occur and peace is jeopardized. From India’s context, there are two neighboring countries, Pakistan and China who don’t believe in the policy of ‘live and let live’. Let’s take China into consideration. China has always been an aggressive and a troublesome neighbor to India.There have been many instances of disputes and aggressive approaches of China to invade our land and hold it under its control. It has even occupied a part of our country called ‘Aksai Chin’ which lies in the north east of Jammu and Kashmir. Even very recently, China tried to advance into our territory illegally which led to a stand off between both the countries. Numerous instances like these happen very frequently and our armed forces sweat it out and do their best, even putting their lives at risk, to counter the aggressive approaches of this troublesome neighbor called China. While our armed forces personnel put their lives at risk to protect our country from these aggressive approaches of China, many of us comfortably forget all their sacrifices and buy Chinese products and use their services as if nothing concerns us. Let’s look at why we should reduce the usage of Chinese products to the highest extent possible. Let me answer most of the questions that people have based on my knowledge,understanding and analysis.


What happens if I buy Chinese products and services? How does it affect our country?

When we buy products and services of companies that are China based, their revenues get increased and since they are based in China, a certain percentage of their revenues is paid as taxes to their country China. This means that the more revenues these companies make, the more taxes they pay to their government and the richer their country(China) gets. China is a country that spends more on its defence and they use that power to try and conquer our territory as we have border disputes with them and they are more ambitious. So, now do you understand that as we buy Chinese products and services, we are indirectly boosting their country’s revenues and helping them indirectly in their aggressive approaches against us?

But they have branches in our country and they pay taxes to our country as well. Even some Indians work in their companies. So, if we reduce the usage of their products, they might discontinue their branches and our Indian employees will lose their jobs and our government will also lose the taxes paid by them. Isn’t that a loss to us?

The taxes that we collect from them will be far lesser than the taxes that they pay to China. So, even though we lose a certain amount of taxes, we also need to remember that our indirect contribution to their economy also reduces. We can find other sources of income.There will always be a way. Can we not afford to make a few sacrifices in our fight against our aggressive neighbor?
With respect to loss of employment of Indian employees, they can find jobs based on their skills in other companies and organisations. Chinese companies are not the only ones where they can work, right? Add to that, all this won’t happen instantly, so they will have sufficient time to switch to non Chinese companies or organisations.


Then, shouldn’t we stop using products of all non Indian companies because we will be indirectly contributing to those respective countries economies?

That is not practically possible as customers want high quality products and some non Indian companies could be offering high quality products for which there could be no Indian products of equivalent quality and standards. So, till Indian products of equivalent quality and standards are developed, our Indian customers will obviously continue to use non Indian products and it’s not so justified to ask them not to use those products until Indian products of equivalent quality and standards are developed. Add to that, most of the countries other than China are not as aggressive as China and we don’t have serious disputes with them. So, using those countries’ products won’t be as damaging as usage of Chinese products.


If we have to stop using Chinese products, should we also stop using all the products made in China even if the manufacturing company is not actually China based?

Ideally, that would be good but it’s not practically possible again because most of the companies manufacture their goods in China because of cheap labor costs and other factors that reduce the cost of manufacturing. So, as long as the manufacturing company is not Chinese, we can use them as the manufacturing companies pay lion share of their taxes to their origin country and pay less to China. But if we reduce using products made in China, because of the reduction in the usage of their products, the manufacturing companies will also think of moving their production units to countries other than China.


If the usage of Chinese products is causing so much of damage to our country, why can’t the Indian government ban all the imports from China?

Unfortunately, the government can’t take such extreme steps as doing so will directly affect the diplomatic relations between both the countries and make things even worse. It will make them even more hostile towards us. So, while the government can’t take such extreme steps, we, as customers, can do it as no one can question us on why we are not using their products.


Why can’t the government take measures to encourage Indian companies that can develop alternatives to Chinese products?

Enough! Let’s stop crying foul over the government for every little issue in the country. Yes, the government has to take such steps and we have to make the government take such steps but it will take time. But till then, can’t we do something from our end? Let’s do our bit in our fight against Chinese products by not buying and using them.


So, should we show off patriotism by not buying Chinese products? Some Chinese products come with very good features at cheaper prices, then why should I not buy them?

Let’s get this clearly. We are not doing this to show off patriotism. We are doing this because China is being very aggressive towards us and they caused us damage on many occasions. Let’s imagine that a businessman has occupied a part of your house by using force and refuses to give it back to you. In addition to that, he is attempting to occupy another part of your house but your family is fighting with him to safeguard it. Will you shamelessly buy products from that businessman even if those products come at cheaper prices? Same is the situation between India and China. China occupied a part of our territory called ‘Aksai Chin’ and refuses to give it back to us. It is also trying to get Arunachal Pradesh under its control claiming that it’s China’s land. Our armed forces are fighting against such aggressive moves like our family. So, when we stop using Chinese products, it will also boost their morale as they know that their countrymen are also with them in the fight against Chinese aggression.

Some Chinese products might come with better features at cheaper prices but remember that you can get those features from non Chinese brands as well though you might have to shed off a few bucks. Either buy non Chinese products with in your budget compromising a bit on some features or pay a little extra to get those features from non Chinese brands. Either way, you will be doing a great help to your country. You serve the country directly or indirectly in many ways. Can’t you make these little sacrifices for your country?


What if I am already using Chinese products?

It’s ok. You can always start from the scratch. Avoid buying any new Chinese products from now on at least. Encourage everyone you know to stop buying Chinese products.


How long should I not use Chinese products?

For a lifetime. Once you understand the seriousness of the issues with China, your conscience won’t allow you to buy their products any time. So, do your best to not use Chinese products or reduce their usage to the highest extent possible.


Everyone won’t stop using Chinese products, then how much will my actions impact or how much will they change the present scenario?

Remember that even the journey of a thousand miles has to start with a single step. Drops make ocean. So, your one little step towards this direction will drive India to a great journey ahead in the longer run. No matter how much we urge, some people will not care about our intentions. I understand that the poor and illiterate people might not do this. So, you might wonder how much impact your actions will have. Let me answer this. Let’s assume 10 people stop buying the Chinese products.Then, another 20 stop doing it. Gradually, 100s, 1000s, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, then crores of people start doing it. Then the impact will be enormous and considerable. I know that sounds very idealistic and might look impractical. But gradually, if at least the educated people like you and me understand the seriousness of the issue, change their mindset and start doing it, then the scenario will change gradually.

Let’s assume that 10 crore out of approximately 131 crore people stop buying Chinese products and if we assume that each of that individual used to spend 5000 rupees on an average on buying Chinese products earlier, then all those 10 crore people combined would prevent 50000 crores of rupees from going into the hands of Chinese by not buying their products! That’s massive, isn’t it? That’s how much all our individual actions can make an impact when combined together. Every step counts. So, do your bit by not buying Chinese products even if others are buying them.

As Mr.Sonam Wangchuk, an Indian reformer, said, our fight is not against the Chinese people. It’s only against the Chinese government’s aggressive policies.So, let’s respect the Chinese people but stop buying their products. China’s aggression always poses a threat to our country. Let me remind you again that our brothers in uniform, our armed forces and other security forces, are risking their lives to protect our sovereignty and safeguard our territories from the aggression of China. Can’t we offer them our moral support by this act of not buying Chinese products? Think about it. Ask everyone you know to stop buying Chinese products and services or at least reduce their usage to the highest extent possible. Remember, every step counts. Every drop is crucial to form an ocean. The choice is yours now.


Jai Hind!


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