Tired Of Engineering ? Want To Try Something New ? LIBERAL ARTS, A Unique Career Choice To Explore


What next? We come across this question at various stages of life.. But there is a common answer we get from everyone at every stage. That’s why every SSC student prepares for IIT… every intermediate student chooses engineering… and every engineering student becomes a software engineer. See this the life cycle of almost every student in India. e are living in a country which is obsessed with engineers and doctors.

The Indian education system as a whole is currently a fabric riddled with bullet holes. In the sphere of higher education beyond the class 12 alone, there are several gaping fundamental errors that result in India churning out a ‘sea of mediocrity, with islands of genius spread few and far in-between. When we discuss about loop holes, there are lot many.. From syllabus pattern to choice of subjects.. Courses are restricted to one section and we do not have a chance to explore other fields.

Is there is any chance for not falling into that same old pit? Well yes, there is.. Liberal studies.. Every heard of it.. If your answer is no.. then this is for you. You have interest in music and you want to learn more at the same time you also want to study psychology. Here you have a chance to pursue both together. Yes, you heard it right. Not just this, if you are interested to explore different fields at the same time then this can be your choice.

It is an education that can liberate people to pursue their passions, enabling them to do their best and expand their capacities in all fields. It gives students the opportunity to graduate in any discipline of the fine arts or humanities branch, with one or more courses in subjects like science or mathematics. So one can study mathematics along with drama or fine arts or explore a variety of disciplines and then choose a specialization that is tailored to their unique interests.

Liberal arts degree follows the multidisciplinary approach to study. It neatly blends a holistic, skill and thought based approach along with a focused, domain-specific education that would serve specific needs. Pursuing an education in liberal arts is beneficial for you in several ways. This includes being exposing to a series of educational and practical experiences that make you a well-rounded individual, not boxed in by the principles and praxis of a single discipline.

It does not result in students who graduate the proverbial jack of all trades and master of none, however – the course is designed in a way that grants you enough exposure at the early stage. This plays an integral role in helping you discover exactly where your strengths, weaknesses, inclinations and affinity lies. Though there are very few colleges offering this course, they are unique in what they are offering.

Colleges offering Liberal Arts degree
1. Ashoka University – Delhi
2. FLAME University – Pune
3. SSLA – Pune
4. Jindal School of Humanities and Liberal Arts – Haryana
5. Shiv Nadar University – Delhi


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