8 Lead Female Roles in Telugu Movies That Make Absolutely No Sense!



I’m a FEMINIST. Those who just looked at that word as if I was saying something obscene are already offended. So I guess this post will be all about you trying to one-up everything I say. Go ahead, I am prepared to fight. 🙂

Now, this post is the result of me wondering “Hmm… what female lead roles pissed me off the moment they opened their mouth?” It’s a result of my frustration.

These are the characters that randomly popped into my head. Also, most female characters are unjustified to an extent, but then these particular ones are so blatantly senseless that they make me go… “Dafuq?”


So here’s what I think.

Disclaimer: Everyone who’s going to comment “but men also get stereotyped” can get the hell out because everyone knows how terrible our movies are in terms of gender representation and you are kidding no body.


Seethamma Vaakitlo Sirimalle Chettu, Samantha as Geetha:

Her dialogue, “Naku ishtamainavi rende rendu. Okati nidra, okati manchi mogudu.” Literally, no girl would ever say this.



Okka Magadu , Anushka as Bhavani: Not sure why she croons like that even when she says the most mundane dialogue. I mean what was the thought behind writing this role??!

okka magaadu


Desamuduru, Hansika as Vaishali: She hated the guy, the guy practically harassed her to love him. Basically, what the bad guys that he beat to pulp also did. But then she falls for him. On what grounds? I mean what’s the appeal?

ChaiBisket 3


Govindudu Andarivaadele, Kajal as Satya: So the hero blackmails the heroine. Great guy in general, but sometimes blackmails girls with pictures taken unknowingly to ask for sexual favors. Great guy, he unites the family and he is her bava. So, it’s ok right? Wrong- that is punishable by law!

Chai Bisket 4


Chandamama, Sindhu Menon as Rani: She basically asks her sister’s fiancé for a kiss the moment she finds out they aren’t actually a couple. That’s a ridiculously drastic switch. How do you just instantly develop feelings for someone who was supposed to be your sister’s husband? What is going on?

Chai Bisket 5


Vikramarkudu, Anushka as Neeraja: She just met him; and she basically invites him into a room while someone’s wedding is happening, to grind on him. Again… she just met him. This never happens, writers. Stop it.



Komaram Puli, Nikeesha as Madhumati: The writers didn’t even bother giving this role a career or a background. Her sole responsibility in the movie is to basically seduce the guy (read cheat the guy) into falling for her.

Chai Bisket 7


Rebel, Tamannah as Nandini: A strong woman with a career who breaks off from her family because she doesn’t like the over-protection. Sounds awesome. But then! She falls for a guy JUST because he says he loves a girl who’s prettier than her.

Chai Bisket 8


Nijam, Rakshita as Meera: I don’t even know what to say about this one. Everyone knows what I’m talking about. Which girl would do that?!

ChaiBisket 9


See, I love Telugu Cinema. It only pains me to see that the same industry that creates kickass characters like Sivagami, Devasena, Chitra or an Arundhati can come up with characters that are so … well, stupid and misleading.

A little effort on the female characters (may be a 10th of what is put into the punch dialogues) can give hope and a little something for our young girls to look up to and aspire to be. While you are at it, Google Bechdel Test and try to apply it.


Please don’t forget the girls, Tollywood.


Tell me in the comments which role pissed you off, readers!

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